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Using Splunk Application Performance Monitoring


LÄNGE: 4 Hours (0,5 Tage)

PREIS: €500,00


This 4,5 hours course targeted to developers and DevOps enables you to use Splunk APM to analyze traces, troubleshoot and monitor your microservices-based applications. Through in-person discussions and hands-on activities, deep dive into uses of distributed tracing, navigating the Splunk APM app to analyze traces, visualize and alert on APM metrics.
All concepts and taught through discussions and hands-on activities.


  • When to use Splunk APM
  • View and Analyze End-to-end Collected Traces
  • Find the Root Cause of a Problem




  • Familiarity with navigating Splunk Observability Cloud
  • Strongly Recommended:

    • Basic Knowledge of visualization and alerting on Splunk IM metrics
    • Inhalt

      Overview of Splunk APM

      • Module 1 – Overview of Splunk APM
      • Describe Splunk Observability Cloud
      • Identify the key elements of the Splunk APM
      • Differentiate between metrics, traces and logs.

      Module 2 – Navigating Splunk APM

      • Define Splunk APM-based terminology
      • Navigate the Splunk APM pages
      • Module 3 – Troubleshooting Using Splunk APM

        • Create detectors to alert on APM metrics
        • Create custom dashboards
        • Troubleshoot an issue after an alert triggers
        • Kurstermine