Arrow Electronics, Inc.

CNS-224: Implement Citrix ADC 13.x with Traffic Management


LÄNGE: 16 Hours (2 Tage)

PREIS: €1 465,00


Learn the skills required to configure and manage Citrix ADC Traffic Management features, including Content Switching, Traffic Optimization, and Global Server Load Balancing. At the end of the course, students will be able to configure their ADC environments to address efficient traffic switching and resilience requirements including Content Switching, Traffic Optimization, and Disaster Recovery.


Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu diesen Themen:

  • Optimize the Citrix ADC system for traffic handling and management
  • Customize the ADC system for traffic flow and content-specific requirements
  • Employ recommended tools and techniques to troubleshoot common Citrix ADC network and connectivity issues
  • Configure advanced load balancing and GSLB on the Citrix ADC system


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