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IPv6 Analysis with Wireshark


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IPv6 is the coming Internet Protocol and will solve the strongly increasing demand of IP addresses for the fast growing Internet. IPv6 does not specify interoperability features with IPv4, but can be implemented in parallel and will coexist with IPv4 for many coming years.

In this practical training you will learn new features and processes of IPv6. You will migrate an existing IPv4 environment consisting of clients, routers, DHCP, DNS and Web servers to IPv6 in different labs and exercises.


Engineers, networkers, server administrators and all other technical staff which are involved in network operation, maintenance or administration.


Knowledge of IPv4 switching and routing


- Introduction
- IPv6 Header & Extensions
- Address format, -notations & -types
- Wireshark Intro and IPv6 Setup
- Address Autoconfiguration(Lab 1)
- Neighbor Discovery (Lab 2)
- ISATAP Tunneling (Lab 3)
- Router Discovery (Lab 4)
- RIPng Routing Protocol (Lab 5)
- Host Configuration with DHCPv6 (Lab 6)
- New DNS AAAA record (Lab 7)
- OSPF Routing Protocol (Lab 8)
- Transition Technologies Teredo, 6to4, 6rd
- IPv6 Multicasting

Hands-On Labs

Live equipment will allow you to learn and configure the necessary steps to implement IPv6 in an existing IPv4 environment. The labs include analyzing each individual step with Wireshark in order to fully understand the impact on the network.

- Lab 1: Activating and configuring IPv6 on Windows 7/8 clients
- Lab 2: Testing IPv6 connectivity within the same subnet
- Lab 3: Connecting IPv6 clients in different subnets with ISATAP tunnel
- Lab 4: Activating and configuring IPv6 on local routers
- Lab 5: Configuring IPv6 on backbone routers with RIPng
- Lab 6: Configuring DHCPv6 functions
- Lab 7: Configuring DNS AAAA records
- Lab 8: Configuring IPv6 on backbone routers with OSPF