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Symantec Web Isolation Planning, Implementation, and Administration R2

CODE: SYM_000195

LÄNGE: 8 Hours (1 day)

PREIS: €800,00


The Symantec Web Isolation Planning, Implementation,
and Administration R2 course provides a detailed
introduction to Symantec’s two cloud-based isolation
services: High Risk Isolation (HRI) and the Web Isolation
dedicated tenant. The course includes implementation of
the key protection scenarios with both Web Security
Service and the ProxySG, as well as a description of the
functions available in the Web Isolation management


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

    Describe the major Web Isolation functions and
     Write policies to selectively isolate risky and
    uncategorized websites, allow privileged users
    greater access, and defend against phishing and
    ransomware attacks
     View reports and monitor solution performance


     Basic understanding of networking concepts
     Basic understanding of network security concepts
     Basic understanding of the use of proxy servers


Module 1: Introduction to Symantec

Web Isolation

    The need for a web isolation solution

    Symantec Web isolation—Protection without detection

    High Risk Isolation web traffic protection

    Web Isolation dedicated tenant web traffic protection

Module 2: Implementing Web Isolation

    Implementing Isolation with Web Security Service

    Implementing Isolation with the ProxySG

Module 3: Administering the Web Isolation dedicated tenant

    Web isolation management console overview

    Removing active content from webpages

    Isolating links embedded in email to defend against phishing attacks

    Enabling safe file download protections

    Working with applications remotely

Module 4: Viewing reports and monitoring performance

    Viewing reports

    Monitoring performance

Module 4: Integrating Web Isolation with DLP, CloudSOC Mirror Gateway, and Email

    Integrating Web Isolation with DLP

    Integrating Web Isolation with CloudSOC Mirror Gateway

    Integrating Web Isolation with Symantec Email

    Integrating Web Isolation with third-party providers

Module 5: Course review

    Symantec Web Isolation course revie