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Symantec Endpoint Security Complete Administration R1.2

CODE: SYM_000218

LÄNGE: 40 Hours (5 Tage)

PREIS: €4 000,00


The Symantec Endpoint Security Complete Administration R1.2 course is designed for the network, IT security, and systems administration professional in a Security Operations position tasked with the day-to-day operation of a SESC endpoint security environment. The course focuses on SES Complete cloud-based management using the ICDm management console.


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

    Describe the benefits of using a multi-layered cloud-based environment for endpoint security.

    Secure endpoints against network, file based, and emerging threats.

    Control endpoint integrity and compliance.

    Respond to security threats using SESC monitoring and reporting.

    Enforce adaptive security compliance.

    Protect Active Directory

    Use SESC in a Hybrid Environment / Migrate to the Cloud


This course assumes that students have a basic understanding of advanced computer terminology, an administrator-level knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems, and have viewed the "Symantec Endpoint Security Complete - Getting Started" eLearning content prior to attending this course.


Module 1: Introduction to Endpoint Security Complete


    SES Complete Architecture

    SES Complete Cloud-Based Management

    SES Complete in a Hybrid Environment

    Managing Devices and Policies with ICDm

    SES Complete Client Deployment

Module 2: Configuring SES Complete Security Controls

    Policy Overview

    Threat Overview and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

    Preventing Initial Access

    Preventing Execution

    Preventing Persistence

    Preventing Privilege Escalation

    Preventing Defense Evasion

    Preventing Discovery

    Blocking Command & Control

    Blocking Exfiltration

    Blocking the Impact Phase

    Managing Content Updates

    Policy Versioning and History

Module 3: Responding to Threats with ICDm

    The ICDm Home Page

    Searching SES Data

    Using SES Reports

    Managing Mitigation

    Acting on Events

Module 4: Endpoint Detection and Response

    Enabling Endpoint Detection and Response

    Understanding Suspicious & Malicious Activity

    Investigating Threats

    Capturing Endpoint Data


    Retrieving and Submitting Files for Analysis

    Quarantining Devices

    Blocking and Quarantining Files

Module 5: Attack Surface Reduction

    Reduce the Attack Surface with Adaptive Protection

    Reduce the Attack Surface with Application Control

    Reduce the Attack Surface with Custom Application Behavior

    Reduce the Attack Surface with Host Integrity

Module 6: Mobile and Modern Device Security

    Definition of Modern and Mobile Devices

    Modern and Mobile Threats

    Introducing Network Integrity

    Network Integrity Policy Configuration

    Network Integrity for Windows 10 Modern Devices

    Network Integrity for Mobile Devices

    Exploring Generated Alerts

Module 7: Threat Defense for Active Directory

    Active Directory Security Challenges

    Introducing Threat Defense for Active Directory


    Threat Scenarios and Remediation

Module 8: Working with a Hybrid Environment

    Reasons for Choosing a Hybrid Environment

    SES Hybrid Architecture

    SEPM Enrollment Process in ICDm

    Policies and Device Management from the Cloud

    Migrating to the Cloud

Test und Zertifizierung

250-561 ENU: Symantec Endpoint Security Complete
Administration R1