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Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response 4.x Planning, Implementation, and Administration R1

CODE: SYM_00034816

LÄNGE: 16 Hours (2 Tage)

PREIS: €1 600,00


The Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2 Plan and
Implement course is designed for the network, IT
security, and systems administration professional in a
Security Operations position tasked with planning and
implementing an Endpoint Protection environment.


    Architect an Endpoint Protection Environment
    Prepare and deliver a successful Endpoint Installation
    Build a Disaster Recovery plan to ensure successful SEPM backups and restores
    Manage failover and replication
    Deploy endpoint clients


This course assumes that students have a basic understanding of computer terminology, including TCP/IP networking terms, Internet terms, and an administrator-level knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Module 1: Architecting and Sizing the SEP Implementation

    Architecture components

    Architecture constraints

    Component placement

    Determining client-to-SEPM ratios

    Content delivery

    SEPM and database sizing best practices

Module 2: Installing the Endpoint Protection Manager

    Identifying system requirements
    Preparing servers for installation
    Installing and configuring the Endpoint Protection Manager
    Validating the installation

Module 3: Benefiting from a SEPM Disaster Recovery Plan

    SEPM Disaster Recovery Recommendations
    Running on-demand and scheduled backups
    Backing up and storing system files
    Restoring a failed SEPM

Module 4: Managing Replication and Failover

    About sites and replication
    How replication works
    Replication scenarios
    Configuring and scheduling replication
    Load balancing and failover

Module 5: Implementing the Best Method to Deploy Windows Clients

    Describing client installation packages
    Planning the client deployment for standard and dark clients
    Configuring the client installation package
    Deploying client packages
    Configuring an unmanaged detector

Module 6: Implementing the Best Method to Deploy Linux Clients

    Identifying Linux prerequisites
    Deploying Linux clients

Module 7: Implementing the Best Method to Deploy Mac Clients

    Identifying Mac prerequisites
    Deploying Mac clients

Module 8: Migrating to Endpoint Protection 14

    Describing end of life (EOL) software and components
    Migrating the Endpoint Protection Manager
    Migrating Endpoint Protection clients

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250-428 Administration of Symantec Endpoint 14