The Arrow ECS Group

The experience of individuals, the strength of a group

Arrow ECS Education is an offshoot of Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS), a business segment of Arrow Electronics Inc (listed on the NYSE). Arrow ECS currently represents approximately 33% of the Arrow Group's revenue.

The company, which enjoys a presence in 24 European countries, specializes in the distribution of infrastructure solutions and services in the area of enterprise servers, data storage, software, and virtualization for IT professionals.

In 1992 the entities that would eventually become Arrow ECS EMEA demonstrated a desire to offer high value added training solutions. The initiative was based on two observations: first, a distributor is in a prime position to best understand its products, techniques and technologies; second, when you are involved in the industry, you are intimately familiar with the problems encountered in the industry and better able to grasp the needs of your patrons. Arrow ECS Education was born.

Today, Arrow ECS Education represents:

  • 37 training centres
  • over 70 training rooms
  • over 100 dedicated personnel
  • over 250 internal trainers
  • over 1,000 external trainers
  • over 20,000 participants per year