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Microsoft Software Assurance (SA)

What is the Software Assurance Program?

Microsoft’s Software Assurance (SA) is a program to support organizations to help increase their investment in Microsoft’s latest technology. Volume license customers can benefit from a range of software assurance services, including training vouchers, that can be used to provide in-depth technical training for IT professionals and developers at no cost. More information …

Microsoft Training at Arrow Education – without impacting your budget

Using your SA Vouchers you can book your Microsoft training (MOC & MOD) at Arrow Education, these training vouchers help your IT staff to deploy, manage and support new software, In order to stay current with Microsoft’s latest technology—without burdening your budget.

Your eligible training days are based on the type and number of licenses you have with Software Assurance. If for example, you want to book a 5-day course, you will need a 5-day SA Voucher.

Vouchers include the following: one seat in a course, equipped with a hands-on lab environment, one digital copy of MOC course material, plus meals and refreshments at one of our training centres.

How to redeem your training vouchers

  • Activate your vouchers in the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), the voucher will be submitted to you upon activation (digital copy only).
  • Vouchers are valid for 180 days.
  • Book your Microsoft course at Arrow Education. Important: with your booking please provide the email address the voucher has been issued to as well as the voucher code.

Don't let your vouchers expire!

Check today if and how many vouchers are available for your company and when they will expire. We are more than happy to help on any questions regarding Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers – please contact us on: +31 (0) 88 0242900 / 930 or