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Single eLearning course

Citrix classroom courses are also available as individual eLearnings.
Schedule your learning units in a flexible way over a 90-day period and learn with the help of hands-on exercises.

After completing the eLearning course, you can take the certification exams (if available from Citrix) using the enclosed voucher.
You can choose from so-called 'eLearning On-Demand Courses Passes', which you can purchase depending on the duration of the classroom course:

Example: The classroom course CWS-315 lasts 5 days. Your Citrix eLearning item is then the eLearning On-Demand Course Pass - 5 day

All On-Demand Pass variants are valid for one year after purchase.
The activated eLearning unit is available for 90 days.

Here's how:

  • Purchase the desired eLearning On-Demand Course Pass from Arrow ECS Education

  • Visit the Citrix eLearning page at

  • Choose the On-Demand version of your desired course

  • Activate the eLearning with the purchased On-Demand Course Pass

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