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CommVault V11 Simpana Master Class


LENGTH: 40 Hours (5 days)

PRICE: €4.500,00


The Simpana® Master Class and Certification is designed to educate and validate the deepest level of knowledge attainable for Commvault® administrators and engineers. Knowledge gained can be applied in advanced enterprise architecture, complex troubleshooting, and more comprehensive management of day-to-day activities. Training emphasis is placed on a concentrated understanding of advanced Simpana features including: virtualization, deduplication, snapshot management, backup / archiving, retention, CTE processes, and log file analysis. Master certification assesses knowledge acquired from the master class, validates the mastery of Commvault technologies, and allows those few who complete the program to stand apart from others in the industry.


Required minimum of 18+ months working with Simpana® software.
Required Commvault® Certified Specialist on Simpana 10/11 software.


Module 1: Common Technology Engine
? Course Overview and Objectives 
? CTE Primer 
? CommServe® Server 
? Media Agents and Indexing 
? Storage Policies

Module 2: Storage Design
? Library primer 
? Storage design strategies

Module 3: Deduplication
? Deduplication primer 
? Deduplication database 
? Partitioned DDB 
? Deduplication data movement 
? Aging deduplicated data 
? Deduplication Storage Policies 
? SILO storage 
? Deduplication design strategies

Module 4: Snapshots
? Snapshot technologies 
? Configuring and administering IntelliSnap feature 
? IntelliSnap® design strategies

Module 5: Virtualization
? Virtual technology primer 
? Protecting VMware® 
? Protecting Hyper-V® 
? Virtualization design strategies

Module 6: Data Management
? Data Movement 
? Data protection and recovery process 
? Job and item based retention 
? Performance Tuning 
? Data security 
? Client and Agent Configurations 
? Simpana OnePass™ Technology 
? Data and Information Management

Module 7: Course Review and Exam Prep 
? Discussion on subjects and concepts covered 
? Exam Prep 
? Master Certification Exam

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