Arrow Electronics, Inc.

CommVault V11 New Features


LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRICE: €720,00


Explore the exciting feature enhancements and additions to the next generation of Commvault® software. Learn about product changes and configuration options before upgrading your Commvault environment. This course focuses on feature changes including: security, indexing, deduplication, storage policies, and virtualization. This course includes the Commvault V11 Walkthrough supplemental guide and access to the V11 CVLab environment.


This course is intended for personnel who will be responsible for conducting day-to-day Commvault® software administrative activities.


The Core Fundamentals and Implementation and Maintenance courses are recommended prior to attending this course.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
•Compare and contrast differences between user and group security, and the new role based security.
•Comprehend the concepts of Commvault V2 indexing structure.
•Learn Commvault deduplication enhancements including in memory DDB, four partition policies, and data verification.
•Configure global secondary policies for efficient tape management.
•Learn the new VSA methodology for VM load distribution for enhanced backup performance.

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