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IBM Case Manager: Solution Deployment from Design to Production (V5.3.2)

CODE: F2930G

LENGTH: 6 Hours (0,75 days)

PRICE: €780,00


This course is designed to show you how to migrate and deploy Case Manager solutions from development to preproduction and production. Participants use a system with two instances of IBM Case Manager to practice the skills that are required by solution builders and administrators to migrate and deploy solutions from one environment to another.


Describe the Case Manager solution deployment process Migrate and deploy basic Case Manager solutions FileNet Deployment Manager essentials Migrate and deploy advanced Case Manager solutions


This course is for administrators, and solution builders who are involved in Case Manager solution deployment from one environment to another.


  • Experience processing cases in Case Client or F2900 IBM Case Manager Essentials (V5.3.2)
  • Experience building solutions with Case Builder or F2910 Build a Case Manager Solution (V5.3.2)

  • Experience applying security to solutions or F2920 Case Manager Security (V5.3.2)

  • Experience configuring IBM Content Navigator desktops or F270G IBM Content Navigator Introduction


Unit 1 Solution deployment process overview

Overview of IBM Case Manager environments

Migrating and deploying basic solutions

Migrating and deploying advanced solution applications

What are the phases of solution deployment?

Unit 2 Migrate and deploy basic solutions

Prepare to migrate and deploy a basic solution

Migrate a basic solution

Stage and import a basic solution

Deploy a migrated basic solution

Post-deployment configuration

Verify the solution deployment

Unit 3 Introduction to FileNet Deployment Manager

What is FileNet Deployment Manager?

FileNet Deployment Manager basics

Deploying assets with FileNet Deployment Manager

Unit 4 Migrate and deploy advanced solutions

Prepare for advanced solution migration and deployment

Export other FileNet P8 assets

Export other IBM and external assets

Import other FileNet P8 assets

Import other IBM assets

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