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IBM Planning Analytics: Administer the Technical Environment - Local

CODE: K05003G

LENGTH: 8 Hours

PRICE: €245,00


This course provides Administrators with guidance on installing and administering the IBM Planning Analytics - Local environment. The course outlines how the architecture can be customized to fit into various infrastructures. Students will learn how to install and configure IBM Planning Analytics - Local, monitor system performance, and secure applications.

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Basic knowledge of IBM Planning Analytics


Installing IBM Planning Analytics Local

Configuring IBM Planning Analytics Local

Examining the architecture of IBM Planning Analytics Local

Administering servers with the TM1 Operations Console

Monitoring TM1 servers in the TM1 Operations Console

Working with TM1 log files

Examining the audit log Monitoring performance with control cubes

Monitoring TM1 server performance in real time

Broadcasting messages to clients

Making a TM1 server unavailable

Maintaining TM1 applications

Securing Planning Analytics

Working with TM1 users and groups

Making TM1 objects and data accessible

Transferring data in Performance Modeler

Backing up TM1 servers and data

Session Dates
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13 Jul 2024


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€ 245,00

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