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HCIA-HNTD Training


LENGTH: 10 days

PRICE: Request Price



Module 1-Building Basic IP Networks

Enterprise Network Constructs

Ethernet Framing

IP Addressing

Internet Control Message Protocol

Address Resolution Protocol

Transport Layer Protocols

Data Forwarding Scenario

Module 2-Huawei Device Navigation and Configuration

Expanding the Huawei Enterprise Network

Navigating the CLI

File System Navigation and Management

VRP Operating System Image Management

Module 3-Supporting and Maintaining Enterprise Local Area Networks

Establishing a Single Switched Network

Spanning Tree Protocol

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Module 4-Establishing Internetwork Communication

Segmenting the IP Network

IP Static Routes

Distance Vector Routing with RIP

Link State Routing with OSPF

Module 5-Implementing Network Application Services

DHCP Protocol Principles

FTP Protocol Principles

Telnet Protocol Principles

Module 6-Local Enterprise Network Features and Services

Link Aggregation

VLAN Principles


Wireless LAN Overview

Module 7- Connecting Beyond the Enterprise Network

Bridging Enterprise Networks with Serial WAN Technology

Frame Relay Principles

Establishing DSL Networks with PPPoE

Network Address Translation

Establishing Enterprise Radio Access Network Solutions

Module 8-Securing the Enterprise Network

Access Control Lists

Securing Data with IPSec VPN

Generic Route Encapsulation

Module 9-Enterprise Network Management Solutions

Simple Network Management Protocol

eSight Network Management Solutions

Module 10-Supporting IPv6 Networks

Introducing IPv6 Networks

IPv6 Routing Technologies

IPv6 Application Services – DHCPv6

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