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Check Point Certified Security Administrator R81.X


LENGTH: 24 Hours (3 days)

PRICE: €2.450,00


Learn basic concepts and develop skills necessary to administer IT security fundamental tasks.


• Know how to perform periodic administrator tasks.
• Describe the basic functions of the Gaia operating system.
• Recognize SmartConsole features, functions, and tools.
• Understand how SmartConsole is used by administrators to give
user access.
• Learn how Check Point security solutions and products work and
how they protect networks.
• Understand licensing and contract requirements for Check Point
security products.
• Describe the essential elements of a Security Policy.
• Understand the Check Point policy layer concept.
• Understand how to enable the Application Control and URL
Filtering software.
• Blades to block access to various applications.
• Describe how to configure manual and automatic NAT.
• Identify tools designed to monitor data, determine threats and
recognize opportunities for performance improvements.
• Describe different Check Point Threat Prevention solutions for
network attacks.
• Articulate how the Intrusion Prevention System is configured,
maintained and tuned.
• Understand the Infinity Threat Prevention system.
• Knowledge about Check Point’s IoT Protect.


Technical professionals who support, install deploy or administer Check Point products.


Working knowledge of Windows, UNIX, networking technology, the Internet and TCP/IP.


• Configure the Security Management Server.

• Use the WebUI to run the First Time Wizard.

• Install the Smart Console.

• Install the Alpha Gateway using the network detailed in the course topology.

• Demonstrate how the Security Management Server and Gateway communicate.

• Test SIC Status.

• Create multiple administrators and apply different roles and permissions for simultaneous administration.

• Validate existing licenses for products installed on the network.

• Create and configure host, network and group objects.

• Create a simplified Security Policy.

• Demonstrate how to use Security Zones in policy.

• Demonstrate how to share a layer between Security Polices.

• Configure Network Address Translation for server and network objects.

• Enable Identity Awareness.

• Deploy user access roles for more granular control of the security Policy.

• Generate network Traffic and use traffic visibility tools to monitor the data.

• Use SmartConsole and SmartView

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CKT_CCSE_R81.X  - Check Point Certified Security Expert R81.X

Test and Certification

This course prepares for exam #156-215.81 (CCSA)

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