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Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator (CCTA) and Expert (CCTE) on R80.30 Fast Track


LENGTH: 3 days

PRICE: €2.450,00


This Fast Track contains the Check Point courses "Check Point Troubleshooting Administrator (CCTA)" as well as "Check Point Troubleshooting Expert (CCTE)"

Note: You need to be CCSA and CCSE –certified in order to become CCTA and CCTE-certified.



  • An Introduction to Troubleshooting
  • SmartConsole and Policy Management Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring Logging Activity
  • Troubleshooting Issues with NAT
  • Understanding the Unified Access Control Policy
  • Basic VPN Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring ClusterXL Connections
  • Understanding Identity Awareness

Course Topics CCTE:

  • AdvancedTroubleshooting
  • Management Database and Processes
  • Advanced Kernel Debugging
  • User Mode Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Access Control
  • Understanding Threat Prevention
  • Advanced VPN Troubleshooting
  • Acceleration and Performance Tuning

    • Monitoring Security Gateway Traffic
    • Troubleshooting Issues with SmartConsole
    • Troubleshooting Log Connectivity Issues
    • Investigating Log Connectivity Issues
    • Investigating NAT Issues
    • Troubleshooting General Traffic Issues
    • Evaluating HTTP and HTTPS Traffic Issues
    • Troubleshooting Site-to-Site VPN Issues
    • Troubleshooting Clustering Issues
    • Troubleshooting Identity Awareness
    • Configuring and Testing Identity Collector

      • Monitoring NetworkTraffic
      • Debugging Management Processes
      • Exploring the Postgres and Solr Databases
      • Troubleshooting Management Synchronization
      • Analyzing Traffic Issues Using Kernel Debugs
      • Debugging User Mode Processes
      • Troubleshooting Application Control and URL Filtering
      • Troubleshooting IPS
      • Evaluating Threat Prevention Products
      • Debugging Site-to-Site VPN
      • Troubleshooting Remote Access VPN
      • Testing Mobile Access VPN
      • EvaluatingSecureXLModifying CoreXL
      • Evaluating Hardware-related Performance
      • Tuning and Software Optimization

        Test and Certification

        CCTA - Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator

        With the CCTA certification you show the understanding of the concepts and skills necessary to troubleshoot issues which may occur when managing the Check Point Security Management architecture and Security Gateways.

        CCTE - Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert

        With the CCTE certification you show advanced troubleshooting skills to investigate and resolve more complex issues that may occur while managing your Check Point Security environment.

        Further Information

        Our certification package includes the following services:

        • Full board (cold / warm drinks, snacks and fruit in the breaks, lunch including drinks)
        • Original Check Point courseware
        • Bundle price info in comparison to single course order

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