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IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Fundamentals (V11.6)

CODE: 1Z802G

LENGTH: 8 Hours

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This course will build a foundation for students interested in what master data is and how it is managed. The student will learn about master data management (MDM), MDM implementation styles, and a variety of MDM use cases. The student will then be introduced to multiple IBM MDM solutions and will gain an understanding of the capabilities of each solution.

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An introduction to MDM • What is Master data? • What is Master Data Management? • Issues addressed by MDM and benefits of MDM  

Use cases • Sampling of real world use cases and examples  

MDM and service oriented architecture • What is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)? • IBM’s SOA Reference Architecture • How does MDM and SOA relate?


MDM implementation styles • Consolidation Style • Collaborative Style • Registry Style • Co-existence Style • Transactional Style • Staffing an MDM project  

Infosphere MDM • InfoSphere MDM Virtual Module • InfoSphere MDM Physical Module • InfoSphere MDM PME • InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition • InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management • MDM Express


This course is for anyone who would like to learn about master data, master data management, and IBM's MDM solutions.




An introduction to MDM• What is Master data?• What is Master Data Management?• Issues addressed by MDM and benefits of MDMUse cases• Sampling of real world use cases and examplesMDM and service oriented architecture• What is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)?• IBM’s SOA Reference Architecture• How does MDM and SOA relate?MDM implementation styles• Consolidation Style• Collaborative Style• Registry Style• Co-existence Style• Transactional Style• Staffing an MDM projectInfosphere MDM• InfoSphere MDM Virtual Module• InfoSphere MDM Physical Module• InfoSphere MDM PME• InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition• InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management• MDM Express

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25 Sep 2023


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