Right at home!

Sometimes you need a little more space, a few more resources, a calmer environment—both welcoming and relaxing—where you can escape from your day-to-day distractions. Sometimes you need to be "somewhere else" because training is "something different"— a special time dedicated to learning. This is why we at Arrow ECS Education make our 37 agencies, found throughout 20 European countries, available to you.


You want to organize a training session in our ArrowECS premises in Belgium and/or Luxembourg?

  Our rates for a room rental:
- @ Altimate-ArrowECS Brussels (Be): 500€ ex VAT/day + 15€ ex VAT /p/day/catering
Different Rooms available up to 16 delegates

- @ Altimate-ArrowECS Windhof (Lu): 600€ ex VAT /day + 20€ ex VAT /p/day/catering
Rooms available up to 10 delegates