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How to access and use this benefit:

Your company must purchase an IBM Partner Package before taking any courses. The IBM Partner Package must be valid when the tests and courses are taken.

Carefully review the complete claim guidelines before enrolling.

  • Step 1: Purchase and pay for your Partner Package before you register for the class

  • Step 2: The Reimbursement claim form below indicates all the documentation you need to complete and submit your claim. Claim form and supporting documentation must be received by IBM within 60 days of achieving credential. Late submissions cannot be accepted. IBM-Education-Reimbursement-Claim-Form-20210211

  • Step 3: Consult the reimbursable courses by brand table to see which classes qualify for reimbursement. Arrow Education Team will help you to find the right courses for you and your Team You must let Arrow know what package you have when enrolling in the course and be sure that is noted on your course invoice before you pay the invoice.

      • Reimbursement limits are based on the Partner Package your company has purchased: Advanced: $1,000 USD, Premier $2,500 USD, Enterprise $10,000 USD
      • Alternate course delivery methods -Instructor-Led Online (ILO), Self-Paced Virtual Classroom (SPVC), Web-Based Training (WBT) and Self-Study -are also reimbursable and may be available on various platforms such as Windows , Linux, AIX and z/OS.

    Plan your course dates carefully. Submit your reimbursement claim form within 60 days of completing the course on your chosen credentials path.

  • Step 4: take the class, pay for it and submit reimbursement claim form with receipts.

That’s all! Reimbursement will be paid to your company's bank account within 60 days of receiving complete claim information.

If you purchased an Advanced, Premier or Enterprise package, you can use your certification test vouchers to cover costs of the test.