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CWS-221: Citrix App Layering Deployment and Administration


LÄNGE: 16 Hours (2 Tage)

PREIS: €1.450,00


Designed for experienced IT professionals, you will learn to build and combine App Layers to optimize management of your app and desktop images for use with Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS) and Citrix Provisioning. You will leave this course with a good understanding of how to manage additional solutions and features in your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop or Citrix DaaS site.


  • Create, administer, and manage App Layering OS, platform, application, elastic, and user layers.
  • Integrate Citrix App Layering into a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or Citrix DaaS deployment that uses Machine Creation Services (MCS) or Citrix Provisioning.


For administrators or engineers


Strong foundational knowledge of Citrix Virtual Apps
and Desktops 7 or Citrix DaaS


    • Module 1: Introduction to Citrix App Layering

• App Layering Introduction

• Citrix App Layering Benefits

• Layer Introductions

    • Module 2: Planning – Citrix App Layering Architecture

• Architecture and Technical Overview

• The Enterprise Layer Manager (ELM) Server

• The Process to Create a VM Using App Layering

• The Layered Image Boot Process Flow

• The Citrix App Layering Management Console

• App Layering Connectors

    • Module 3: Planning - OS Layers

• Create an OS Layer

• How Many OS Layers?

• OS Layer Considerations

• OS Layer Benefits

    • Module 4: Planning – Platform Layers

• Create a Platform Layer

• How Many Platform Layers?

• Platform Layer Considerations

• Platform Layer Types

    • Module 5: Planning – App Layers

• Create an App Layer

• How Many App Layers?

• App Layer Considerations

• App Layer Benefits

• How to Update a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Catalog Using Citrix App Layering?

    • Module 6: Planning – Elastic App Layers and User Layers

• Elastic App Layering

• Elastic App Layer Use Case

• How Many Elastic Layers?

• Elastic Layer Considerations

• What are User Layers?

• User Layer Requirements

• User Layer Considerations

• User Layer Locations

• User Layer Storage Location Considerations

    • Module 7: Planning – Using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops with App Layering

• Create a Template

• Template Considerations

• Layers Review

• Scenario Walk Through Example to Use App Layering to Plan out Images

• Prepare the Layered Image for MCS

• Use App Layering with MCS

    • Module 8: Planning - Layer Priority and Maintaining an App Layering Environment

• Layer Priority

• Layer Priority Function

• How to Update Layers

• Layer Update Considerations

• Coordinate and Manage the ELM Server

• ELM Server Backup Considerations

• ELM Multi-Location

• Backups for Layers

• ELM Server Update Considerations

• Layering Anti-Virus

• Layering Microsoft Office

• App Layering Recipes, Documentation and Labs

Weiterführende Kurse

  • CWS-215: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Deployment and Administration OR CWS-250: Citrix DaaS Deployment and Administration
  • CWS-313: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Advanced Deployment, Troubleshooting, Security and Administration
  • CWS-316: Citrix Provisioning 7 Administration
  • CWS-415: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration

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06 Nov 2023

Virtual Classroom



Instructor Led Online

€ 1.450,00

18 Dez 2023

Virtual Classroom



Instructor Led Online

€ 1.450,00

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