View: Design Best Practices [v5.x]


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This course presents a methodology for designing a VMware® View™ solution for the VMware vSphere® infrastructure. The design methodology includes recommendations for the type of information and data that must be gathered and analyzed to make sound design decisions for client systems, desktop options, the vSphere infrastructure, and View components.

VMware best practices are presented during each phase of the design process. You will work with other participants to design a View solution for a real-world project.

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At the end of the course, you should understand the principles involved in designing a View solution and be able to do the following:

  • Identify design goals, requirements, and constraints

  • Identify information that is required for design decisions 

  • Recognize situations that benefit from best-practice recommendations 

  • Use the recommended design process

  • Analyze design choices in the following areas:

    •  - View Manager infrastructure

    •  - View desktop options

    •  - vSphere infrastructure

    •  - Network infrastructure

    •  - Client-access devices

    •  - End-user management

  • Construct a comprehensive View solution


• Consulting professionals

• Solution architects

• System architects

• System administrators

• IT managers


• Completion of VMware View: Install, Configure, Manage or equivalent experience with VMware View

• Completion of VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage or equivalent experience with VMware vSphere


1. Course Introduction

2. Design Methodology

3. Use-Case Definition

4. Pool and Desktop Design

5. View Pod and Block Design

6. VMware Infrastructure Design

7. Storage Design

8. End-User Session and Client-Device Design

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