Citrix Virtual Apps, Desktops and Provisioning 7.1x Administration (Fast Track)


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Course Overview:

This fast-paced administration course covers the major aspects of installing, configuring and managing a highly available XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x environment as well as a full Provisioning Services 7.1x environment for image management. Gain an understanding of the solution architecture and communications, and the factors that contribute to a successful deployment. This accelerated 5-day course will teach you how to deploy and deliver apps and desktops (MCS and PVS); install and configure StoreFront and Citrix Receiver; set up profile management; and configure policies, printing and basic security features. Also learn how to monitor and troubleshoot the environment with Citrix Director


What you’ll learn:

• Gain foundational knowledge of XenApp and XenDesktop required to be successful with the platform

• How to install, configure, and manage a highly available XenApp and XenDesktop site

• How to deploy and deliver apps and desktops to end users using both Machine Creation Services (MCS) and Provisioning Services (PVS) on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

• How to manage the end-user experience through policies and settings including profiles and printing

• How to install, configure, and manage a highly available Provisioning Services infrastructure for image management



Is this course for you?

Built for IT Professionals who need to install, configure, and manage XenApp, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Services. This course is taught at a much faster pace and experience with previous versions is recommended. It is an appropriate starting point or a refresher on version 7.1x for administrators, engineers, and architects. For a less intensive training yet thorough training, Citrix recommends starting with the CXD-210 XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Administration course.



Prerequisite Knowledge:

This course requires little to no previous experience with the 7.x version of the platform; however, Citrix recommends completing the free XenApp and XenDesktop Introduction bundle at eLearning.citrix.com. Previous knowledge of legacy versions of XenApp or XenDesktop is also beneficial due to the faster pace of this course



Citrix Versions Covered:

 This course is currently based on XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15.


Module 1: Architecture Overview

• Architecture

• FlexCast models (use cases)

• Connection flow process

• Hosting platform considerations

• Layered approach methodology


Module 2: Initial Requirements and Lab

• Citrix consulting methodology

• Supporting infrastructure requirements

• Supporting infrastructure licensing considerations

• Lab environment


Module 3: Installing and Configuring a XenApp and XenDesktop Site

• Licensing considerations

• Installation and management

• Basic license server troubleshooting

• Delivery Controller role

• The XenApp and XenDesktop Site

• Databases and the Local Host Cache (LHC)


Module 4: Provision and Deliver Application and Desktop Resources

• The Virtual Delivery Agent

• Machine Catalogs and Delivery Groups

• Provisioning methods and considerations

• Machine Creation Services (MCS) in depth

• MCS environment considerations

• Delivering Office 365 considerations


Module 5: Providing Access with Citrix StoreFront and Receiver

• StoreFront installation and architecture

• StoreFront authentication services

• Citrix Receiver

• Receiver configurations


Module 6: Understanding and Configuring Citrix Policies

• Policies introduction

• Citrix policies applied


Module 7: Application Presentation and Management

• Application properties

• Workspace Control

• Shortcut placement

• Session Prelaunch and Session Lingering

• Application groups


Module 8: Printing with XenApp and XenDesktop

• Printing introduction

• Print job routing

• Printer driver management

• Citrix Universal Print Driver and Server


Module 9: Citrix Profile Management

• User profiles and Citrix Profile Management

• Configuring Citrix Profile Management


Module 10: Managing the XenApp and XenDesktop Site

• Delegated administration

• Logging and reporting

• Introduction to PowerShell

• Power management


Module 11: XenApp and XenDesktop Site Redundancy

• Component failure review

• Methods of redundancy

• Configuring site and access infrastructure redundancy CMB-310 XenApp, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Services 7.1x Administration (Fast Track) CMB-310


Module 12: XenApp and XenDesktop Site Basic Network Security

• Citrix administrator introduction to security considerations

• Certificate authority

• XML service security

• External HDX connection security with NetScaler Gateway


Module 13: Monitoring the XenApp and XenDesktop Site

• Introduction to Citrix Director

• Navigating Director

• Trends and reports

• Alerts and notifications

• Monitoring sessions

• Interacting with sessions

• Network monitoring with HDX Insight


Module 14: Introduction to Supporting and Troubleshooting XenApp and XenDesktop

• Introduction to supporting XenApp and XenDesktop Site

• Known issue awareness •

XenApp and XenDesktop Hotfixes and the Long Term Service Release

• Common Troubleshooting Tools


Module 15: Advanced Provisioning with Provisioning Services

• Getting started with Provisioning Services

• Provisioning Services Architecture


Module 16: Provisioning Services Infrastructure

• The PVS server role

• The Farm database

• The vDisk Store


Module 17: Streaming the vDisk

• Introduction to vDisks

• Machine preparation

• Streaming vDisks

• Boot methods


Module 18: Target Devices

• Introduction to target devices

• Data I/O

• Handling persistent and non-persistent data


Module 19: Integrating Provisioning Services with XenApp and XenDesktop

• XenDesktop Setup Wizard

• Device Collections

• Published Apps and Desktops

• Using Provisioning Services with XenApp and XenDesktop


Module 20: Provisioning Services Redundancy

• Farm component redundancy

• Store redundancy

• Database redundancy


Module 21: Supporting Provisioning Services

• Performing updates

• Auditing and support

• vDisk imagining

• Migrating vDisk images

• Troubleshooting

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