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There is no live instructor for this course, so it may not be appropriate for you if you require the guidance of a live instructor. In such cases, you should consider the instructor-led version of this course is IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.x Help Desk Troubleshooting (D8L36)

This course uses scenarios to instruct Level 2 IBM® Lotus® Notes® and Lotus Domino® Help Desk Support Representatives on how to troubleshoot Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino issues. You will be exposed to the actual types of calls and cases that they will be diagnosing and resolving on a daily basis. During the scenarios, you perform common Lotus Domino Administrator tasks; manage user workstations; and troubleshoot server, database security, and user database issues. You also troubleshoot mail routing and delivery, Lotus Notes mail, and replication issues.

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  • Use Help Desk troubleshooting resources

  • Manage user workstations

  • Identify server and database security issues

  • Manage user database issues

  • Troubleshoot mail routing and delivery

  • Troubleshoot Lotus Notes mail issues

  • Troubleshoot replication


This intermediate course is for the Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes Help Desk Level 2 Support Representative responsible for password security, Notes ID recovery, and troubleshooting minor issues, such as accessing a user’s mail file, and managing Lotus Notes databases, replication, and web access.


You should have:

  • Three months experience as a Help Desk Level 1 Support Representative

  • Basic help desk skills

  • Attended or equivalent skills for Help Desk Basic Troubleshooting for IBM Lotus Domino 8 (D8350)


Lesson 1: Introducing IBM Lotus Domino Help Desk troubleshooting

  • Gain an understanding of the types of calls you will receive

  • Use external resources to find answers

  • Perform common Lotus Domino Administrator tasks

Lesson 2: Managing the user's workstation

  • Work with policies and diagnose solutions for user issues

  • Break down the Lotus Notes Client

  • Assist users with managing their Lotus Notes IDs and passwords

  • Use widgets and Live Text

Lesson 3: Managing server and database security issues

  • Diagnose server access issues

  • Determine a user's effective access to a database

Lesson 4: Managing user application issues

  • Refresh or replace an application design

  • Compact a local application

  • Archive application documents

  • Diagnose problems with mail archiving policies

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting mail routing and delivery

  • Describe the components and process of mail routing

  • Respond to mail delivery failures

  • View pending and dead mail

  • Trace the path for a mail message

  • Use Lotus Protector against spam

  • Work with Lotus Notes on mobile devices

Lesson 6: Troubleshooting Lotus Notes mail issues

  • Replace the contacts design

  • Identify problems with using Directory Catalogs

  • Secure Notes mail with digital signing and encryption

  • Troubleshoot mail, calendar, and schedule delegation

  • Troubleshoot Out of Office issues

  • Work with external calendars, contacts, and meeting invitees

  • Work with iNotes®

Lesson 7: Troubleshooting replication

  • Create and encrypt an application replica

  • Set replication options

  • Use managed replicas

  • Diagnose application replication issues

  • Resolve replication conflicts

For practical, hands-on training, labs are included at the end of select lessons. To reinforce the instruction, activities or Checkpoints are included at the end of select topics within a lesson.

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