IMS TM Performance and Tuning


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This is an online course. Please do not make travel arrangements for this course.

After you receive confirmation that you are enrolled, you will be sent further instructions to access audio, video and remote labs.

This course of 6 sessions, 4 hours each day, teaches a  methodology to tune a large-scale z/OS IMS/TM data communication system. Specifically, this course explains the impact of user-specified options on IMS performance, how to determine performance bottlenecks by interpreting information from certain performance reports, and how to implement a plan to improve the performance of an IMS system.


  • Create and implement a performance improvement plan based on the methodology presented

  • Discuss the performance options available to the IMS user

  • Describe the performance impact of the IMS storage pools and data sets and their interrelationships

  • Interpret the information contained in performance reports

  • Analyze the performance reports to determine performance bottlenecks in the IMS system


System programmers responsible for the performance of a large-scale IMS DB/DC system


You should have:

  • IMS Transaction Manager experience

  • Data Communications experience


  • Unit 1: Monitoring and Tuning Overview

  • Unit 2: IMS Structure and Major Control Blocks

  • Unit 3: The IMS Logger and Pool Management

  • Unit 4: IMS Communication Component

  • Unit 5: IMS OTMA Communication Component

  • Unit 6: z/OS Considerations for IMS

  • Unit 7: IMS Scheduling

  • Unit 8: IMS Program Loading Options

  • Unit 9 : IMS Program Elapsed Time

  • Unit 10: IMS Database Buffering

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