Securing Citrix Networking and Mobility Solutions


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Learn to secure your networking and mobility deployments with this three-day course that covers NetScaler, XenMobile and ShareFile. You’ll explore networking security fundamentals and learn about various network attacks, such as SSL exploits and how to protect your network against them. Understand how authentication, authorization, and auditing plays a role in both your networking and mobility environment, and how to augment security with multi-factor authentication. Take a look at certificates, policies, and the many management options for your deployments to lockdown your data with AppFirewall, and Secure XenMobile applications, and Citrix ShareFile.


Citrix Technologies Covered:

• NetScaler 12.0

• XenMobile 10.6

• ShareFile


What you'll learn

• Identify network attacks and learn how to protect your network and mobile environment

• Understand authentication, authorization, and auditing as pertaining to NetScaler, XenMobile, and ShareFile

• Identify device security options available for your mobile environment to protect applications and data


Is this course for you?

Built for IT Professionals working with previous NetScaler, XenMobile, and ShareFile experience. Potential students include administrators, engineers, and architects interested in learning how to secure a NetScaler, XenMobile, or ShareFile deployment.


Prerequisite knowledge

Recommended courses, or equivalent field experience, include knowledge of the topics covered in:

• CNS-220 Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Traffic Management or CNS-222 Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Unified Gateway

• CXM-303 Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix XenMobile

• CSF-201 Citrix ShareFile Enterprise Essentials



Module 1: NetScaler Network Topology and SSL Offload

Module 2: NetScaler Gateway Authentication and Authorization

Module 3: NetScaler Application Firewall Overview

Module 4: NetScaler Attacks and Protections

Module 5: XenMobile Introduction

Module 6: XenMobile NetScaler Integration

Module 7: XenMobile Encryption

Module 8: XenMobile Server Console

Module 9: Managing Security

Module 10: Secure Apps

Module 11: ShareFile Introduction

Module 12: StorageZones

Module 13: ShareFile NetScaler Integration

Module 14: Authentication

Module 15: Data Loss Prevention


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