VMware App Volumes: Application and User Profile Management [V2.X]


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This three-day course builds your skills in application management using VMware App Volumes™ and VMware User Environment Manager™. You will learn how to use App Volumes to deliver applications and data to desktops and users in seconds and at scale. You will gain skills in managing application lifecycles from installation to update and replacement. You will also learn how to use User Environment Manager to provide personalization and dynamic policy configuration across virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments to simplify end-user profile management.

Product Alignment
•  App Volumes 2.10
•  User Environment Manager 8.7


Course Introduction

    Introductions and course logistics
    Course objectives

Overview of App Volumes Enterprise

    App Volumes
    User Environment Manager
    VMware ThinApp®

Overview of App Volumes

    Features and benefits
    Scalability and limitations
    Storage group distribution strategies
    App Volumes components

Installation of App Volumes

    Infrastructure and system requirements
    Installing and configuring App Volumes Manager
    Installing the App Volumes agent

Working with AppStacks

    Creating and provisioning AppStacks
    Managing and updating AppStacks
    Using AppStacks in virtual desktops
    Using AppStacks in a Remote Desktop Services host
    Best practices for AppStacks

Working with Writable Volumes

    Default writable volume templates
    Writable volume policies at creation
    Updating and rescanning writable volumes

Overview of User Environment Manager

    Features and benefits
    User Environment Manager terminology
    User environment settings and scope
    User profile scenarios

Installation of User Environment Manager

    Infrastructure and system requirements
    User Environment Manager Agent (FlexEngine) requirements
    Group Policy configuration
    Management Console configuration

User Environment Manager Settings

    Personalization settings
    User environment settings
    Condition sets
    Application migration

Application Configuration Management

    Predefined and user-customized application settings
    Using Application Profiler
    Using the Self-Support Tool
    Using the Helpdesk Support Tool


Experienced system administrators and system integrators responsible for implementing VMware Horizon®, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and RDHS solutions


•  Experience with virtualized desktop implementation
•  Familiarity with VMware Horizon
•  VMware App Volumes Fundamentals (eLearning) recommended
•  VMware User Environment Manager Fundamentals (eLearning) recommended
•  VMware ThinApp Fundamentals (eLearning) recommended


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
•  Describe the features and functions of App Volumes and User Environment Manager
•  Demonstrate the architectures of App Volumes and User Environment Manager
•  Install and configure App Volumes
•  Create and deploy AppStacks and writable volumes
•  Install and configure User Environment Manager
•  Manage application configurations, user environment settings, and personalization settings

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