VMware Carbon Black App Control Administrator


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This one-day course teaches you how to use the VMware Carbon Black® App ControlTM product and leverage the capabilities to configure and maintain the system according to their organization’s security posture and organizational policies. This course provides an in-depth, technical understanding of the Carbon Black App Control product through comprehensive coursework and hands-on scenario-based labs.


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • • Describe the components and capabilities of application control

  • • Manage and configure the Carbon Black App Control server based on organizational requirements

  • • Create policies to control enforcement levels and agent functionality

  • • Implement rules to support the organization’s security posture

  • • Use the Carbon Black App Control tools to understand agent and server data


System administrators, security operations personnel including analyst and managers.


1 Course Introduction

  • • Introductions and course logistics

  • • Course objectives

2 Login Accounts and Groups

  • • User accounts

  • • User roles

3 Policies

  • • Modes and Enforcement Levels

  • • Rule sets

4 Notifiers

  • • Agent side display notification use

5 Computer Details

  • • View agent information

  • • Related views

6 Local Approval Timed Policy Override

  • • Use case and functionality

7 Software Approvals

  • • Methods and use cases

8 Custom Rules

  • • Rule type and use cases

9 Tools

  • • Meters and Alerts

10 Events

  • • Agent and server events

11 Baseline Drift

  • • Changes in a baseline

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