VMware Workspace ONE: Skills for Unified Endpoint Management [V20.x]


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In this three-day course, you configure and secure unified endpoint activation, registration, and resource integrations. You learn how to integrate industry-recognized enterprise technologies with the VMware Workspace ONE® UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) console.

Through a combination of hands-on labs, simulations, and interactive lectures, you also learn how to configure and manage the endpoint lifecycle. The principles of enterprise mobility and unified endpoint are addressed throughout the course. You will leave the training empowered with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement Workspace ONE UEM.


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

• Identify and describe major components of the Workspace ONE solution
• Identify and describe the Workspace ONE UEM enterprise and productivity integration components
• Navigate the Workspace ONE UEM console
• Examine integrated components
• Explain integration of Workspace ONE UEM with directory services
• Create and explain environment group structures
• Outline enrollment and endpoint management methods for each endpoint platform
• Configure requirements for Workspace ONE UEM registration and endpoint enrollment
• Enroll and manage mobile devices and endpoints with the VMware Workspace ONE® IntelligenceTM Hub application
• Provision and secure applications
• Enable the unified application catalog
• Create and implement profiles and compliance policies
• Explain and issue device commands
• Manage email configurations
• Integrate with content resources and provision access
• Explain and analyze reporting and auditing
• Leverage VMware Workspace ONE® IntelligenceTM for advanced reporting and automation
• Apply general troubleshooting techniques
• Implement unified endpoint management with Workspace ONE


Workspace ONE administrators, experienced mobility and identity administrators, account managers, solutions architects, solutions engineers, sales engineers, and consultants.


This course has no prerequisites.

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