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IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Advanced Analysis & Importing v9.2.0


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 dage)

PRICE: kr 13.100,00


The IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Advanced Analysis & Importing Course will provide students with an advanced level of knowledge to conduct complex analysis and importing using the latest version of Analyst’s Notebook (ANB).

Students will use complex data sets to gain an in-depth understanding of how the advanced analytical capabilities of the software can become a vital tool to support intelligence and investigations.

To support students from all working environments, a range of data sets are used during the course, including people, financial, communication and crime data.


• Refresh knowledge of the basic search and analysis functions using the search bar, list items and visual search
• Apply complex find path, find linked, find clusters and find connected network searches
• Utilise the bar charts and histograms function to interrogate charts and copy results into other applications
• Drill down into data using a heat matrix
• Sort and select data using selection sets that can be copied into new charts for interrogation
• Apply social network analysis to identify the strength of connections within networks
• Apply existing conditional formatting specifications to change the format of specific entities or links
• Create a new conditional formatting specification to visualise patterns and support research and analysis
• Create new import specifications to generate a complex association and temporal charts
• Edit existing import specifications to create various chart types
• Modify data using column actions
• Apply the most suitable analytical chart layout to analyse the data
• Apply the publishing functions to include cover sheets, legends and print setup



1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Knowledge check of ANB

3. Basic Search Options

4. Advanced Analysis Functions

5. Bar Charts, Filters & Heat Matrix

6. Social Network Analysis

7. Conditional Formatting

8. Complex Importing

9. Using Layouts to Analyse

10. Presentation Charts

11. Dissemination Charts

12. Final Exercise

Session Dates