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IBM Algorithmics Portfolio Optimization with Algo Risk Application


DURACIÓN: 8 Hours (1 dia)

Precio: €1.100,00


This extension of the standard ARA course provides specialized hands-on training in the use and application of the software’s portfolio optimization functionality.

The objectives and course content include:

  • The applications and “building blocks” of portfolio optimization
  • How to create and manage portfolio optimization problems in ARA
  • How to define and build objective functions
  • How to set and populate the universe of tradeable instruments
  • Setting limits and trading cost assumptions on individual securities
  • Global constraints applied at the whole portfolio and/or group level
  • Multi-Objective optimization, and the use of use of normalization and scaling.
  • The use of trade budgets and penalties in portfolio optimization


Please refer to Course Overview


This target audience is the ARA end-user, particularly risk managers/analysts, portfolio managers, traders, and other investment professionals.

Requisitos Previos

You should have:

  • Prior training and/or experience in the standard ARA application is presumed.
  • Basic understanding of the concept and applications of portfolio optimization.
  • Training in portfolio optimization also requires the ARA optimization module, with corresponding CPLEX licensing


This one-day course is delivered through a number of mediums, including product demonstrations, instructor-led exercises and self-paced hands-on practice.

  • Overview of Optimization in ARA
  • Steps to Opimization in ARA
  • Creating an Optimization Problem in ARA
    • Objective Function
    • Trade List and Limits Table
    • Global Constraints
  • Optimization Problem Processing and Results
  • Optimization Problem Management
  • Use of Trade Restrictions in Optimization

Más información

Prior to enrolling, IBM Employees must follow their Division/Department processes to obtain approval to attend this public training class. Failure to follow Division/Department approval processes may result in the IBM Employee being personally responsible for the class charges.
GBS practitioners that use the EViTA system for requesting external training should use that same process for this course. Go to the EViTA site to start this process:
Once you enroll in a GTP class, you will receive a confirmation letter that should show:
    The current GTP list price
    The 20% discounted price available to IBMers. This is the price you will be invoiced for the class.

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