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Linux Basics and Installation


DURACIÓN: 32 Hours (4 días)

Precio: €2.100,00


The course teaches students enough about Linux to successfully install, configure, and be productive on the student's personal workstation.


  • Install and configure Linux on a workstation
  • Use Linux for daily work


This course is designed for students with little or no Linux knowledge or experience who want to make a start with Linux.

Requisitos Previos

You should be able to use a Microsoft Windows-based workstation.


Day 1

  • Unit 1: Linux - Introduction and installation
  •      Exercise 1: Linux installation
  • Unit 2: Using the system
  •      Exercise 2: Using the system
  • Unit 3: Working with files and directories
  •      Exercise 3: Working with files and directories

Day 2

  • Unit 4: File and directory permissions
  •      Exercise 4: File and directory permissions
  • Unit 5: Linux documentation
  •      Exercise 5: Linux documentation
  • Unit 6: Editing files
  •      Exercise 6: Editing files
  • Unit 7: Shell basics
  •      Exercise 7: Shell basics

Day 3

  • Unit 8: Working with processes
  •      Exercise 8: Working with processes
  • Unit 9: Linux utilities
  •      Exercise 9: Linux utilities
  • Unit 10: Shell scripting
  •      Exercise 10: Shell scripting
  • Unit 11: The Linux GUI
  •      Exercise 11: The Linux GUI

Day 4

  • Unit 12: Customizing the user environment
  •      Exercise 12: Customizing the user environment
  • Unit 13: Basic system configuration
  •      Exercise 13: Basic system configuration
  • Unit 14: Integrating Linux in a Windows environment
  •      Exercise 14: Integrating Linux in a Windows environment

Más información

Prior to enrolling, IBM Employees must follow their Division/Department processes to obtain approval to attend this public training class. Failure to follow Division/Department approval processes may result in the IBM Employee being personally responsible for the class charges.
GBS practitioners that use the EViTA system for requesting external training should use that same process for this course. Go to the EViTA site to start this process:
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    The current GTP list price
    The 20% discounted price available to IBMers. This is the price you will be invoiced for the class.

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