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IBM i DB2 and SQL School


DURACIÓN: 32 Hours (4 días)

Precio: €2.000,00


SQL is a very powerful programming and database language that is widely used in business today. For example, SQL can be used to perform interactive database queries as well as to extract data from a server, and pass that data to a Java applet running on a client PC. SQL is frequently used in Power Systems with IBM i high-level languages as an alternate means to access the database.

This course is designed to teach IBM i programmers and highly skilled IBM i users on how to access the database using SQL. You will learn how to create, maintain, and query the database using the interactive SQL interface and System i Navigator.


  • Use data definition language (DDL) to describe tables and views
  • Use UPDATE, INSERT, ALTER, and DELETE to modify SQL tables and maintain a database
  • Use the SELECT statement to extract data from tables and views
  • Code SQL queries that include column and scalar functions
  • Code SQL queries that include inner and outer joins
  • Use SQL Query Manager


This intermediate course is designed primarily for experienced IBM i programmers. However, very skilled Power Systems with IBM i users, who want to learn how to use the SQL programming language as a means to access the DB2 for i database, may also consider attending this class. You will learn how to create, maintain, and query the database using the interactive SQL interface and System i Navigator.

Requisitos Previos

You should:

  • Complete:
    • Introduction to IBM i for New Users (OE980)
    • IBM i Application Programming Facilities Workshop (OL490)
  • Or be able to:
    • Use a Windows-based PC
    • Navigate and use a Windows-based desktop
    • Navigate IBM i menus
    • Use IBM i commands
    • Use PDM/SEU or LPEX Editors
    • List the data types that are supported by the DB2 for i database
    • Explain the function of Data Description Specifications (DDS) in defining files
    • Explain the use of the data types supported by the DB2 for i database


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Introduction to RDB Management and DB2 for i
  • Introducing Structured Query Language
  • Extracting Data Using SELECT
  • Functions
  • JOIN and UNION
  • Query Manager
  • Database Maintenance
  • Embedding SQL
  • Stored Procedures
  • Database Tools with System i Navigator

Más información

Prior to enrolling, IBM Employees must follow their Division/Department processes to obtain approval to attend this public training class. Failure to follow Division/Department approval processes may result in the IBM Employee being personally responsible for the class charges.

GBS practitioners that use the EViTA system for requesting external training should use that same process for this course. Go to the EViTA site to start this process:

Once you enroll in a GTP class, you will receive a confirmation letter that should show:

  • The current GTP list price
  • The 20% discounted price available to IBMers. This is the price you will be invoiced for the class.

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