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IBM PowerVC Basics - Advanced virtualization for PowerVM Administrators


DURACIÓN: 24 Hours (3 días)

Precio: €1.500,00


Students learn the essential concepts of a virtualization environment with PowerVC and OpenStack. Important features of PowerVC are presented in short lecture units. At the end of a unit, students apply what they learned by working in hands-on exercises. Topics for architects and administrators include preparing hardware and infrastructure, installing or updating PowerVC, configuring virtualization resources, administering resources, users, and project. These topics help all users understand how virtualization works behind the scene. Students learn different ways of using PowerVC according to roles and responsibilities.


• Summarize the PowerVC virtualization management functions
• Recognize PowerVC hardware and software requirements
• Implement PowerVC software installation and upgrade
• Recognize the use of PowerVC user interfaces
• Recall PowerVC administration tasks in working with the environment
• Recognize configurations of resources, projects, and users
• Recall PowerVC procedures in capturing virtual machines
• Recognize PowerVC capabilities of virtual image deployment
• Summarize scenarios of multi-tenancy in PowerVC with projects


Enrollment in this course is not restricted. Typical students may include:

  • Power virtualization architect and administrator
  • Power hardware manager and system architect
  • System administrator
  • Virtualization services user
  • Engineers
  • Pre-sales technical support staff who implements PowerVC as a virtualization manager.

Requisitos Previos

Students must already know the basics of configuring and managing a Virtual I/O Server and virtual devices and use the HMC to manage partitions. This prerequisite can be met by attending the following course:

• AN30G - Power Systems for AIX - Virtualization I: Implementing Virtualization


Day 1


Unit 1 - Introduction to IBM Power Virtualization Center
Exercise 1 - Verifying the PowerVC lab environment

Unit 2 - PowerVC requirements and planning
Exercise 2 - Planning for PowerVC requirements

Unit 3 - PowerVC Standard installation
Exercise 3 - Installing or upgrading PowerVC

Day 2

Unit 4 - PowerVC user interfaces
Exercise 4 - Working with PowerVC user interfaces

Unit 5 - PowerVC administration
Exercise 5 - Administering PowerVC environment

Unit 6 - PowerVC configurations
Exercise 6 - Configuring resources, projects, and users

Day 3

Unit 7- Virtual machines in PowerVC
Exercise 7 - Preparing and capturing virtual machines

Unit 8 - PowerVC images deployment
Exercise 8 - Deploying images with template and policy

Unit 9 - Multi-tenancy in PowerVC
Exercise 9 - Managing resources with different projects

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