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IBM Storwize and FlashSystem with VIOS and IBM i (Hands-On Workshop)


DURACIÓN: 32 Hours (4 días)

Precio: €2.500,00


The workshop provides training how to implement IBM Storwize, FlashSystem V9000 and FlashSystem 900 with IBM i using VIOS_NPIV connection. It also educated you in performance monitoring, Easy Tier, and disaster recovery solutions with PowerHA for i and Spectrum Virtualize systems.

The presentations give you basics about Flash technology and each of the included Storage systems. Information about VIOS and its several functions, especially NPIV will be presented. Detailed information how to implement Storage systems with VIOS, IBM i and PowerHA for i will be shown. Basics about Spectrum Control are also covered.

You will have the opportunity for extensive hands-on with each of the included Storage systems and VIOS_NPIV connection to IBM i. You will experience setting up zones in the switches. You will experience performance monitoring of an IBM i workload with Storage systems with Spectrum Control, and tracking Easy Tier relocation, you will also develop a Disaster recovery solution with PowerHA for i and Spectrum Virtualize.



  • Become familiar with IBM Storwize hardware
  • Get knowledge about Flash technology 
  • Become familiar with IBM V9000 hardware
  • Become familiar with Spectrum Virtualize
  • Get familiar with FlashSystem 900 
  • Get knowledge about VIOS
  • Obtain detailed knowledge about implementation of IBM i with these Storage systems 
  • Obtain detailed knowledge about Business continuity solutions for IBM i with Storwize and FlashSystem 
  • Experience setup of Storwize, V9000 and FlashSystem 900 for IBM i 
  • Experience VIOS_NPIV connection to IBM i 
  • Experience zoning the switches 
  • Experience performance monitoring with Spectrum Control 
  • Get experiences in Disaster recovery solution with PowerHA for i



This advanced class is meant for IBM personnel, IBM Business Partners and customers who are interested in achieving extensive skills in this area.


Requisitos Previos

You should have basic skills in IBM i installation and management, and basic knowledge about Storage system V9000, and VIOS.


Day 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Presentation IBM Storwize and SVC hardware and software 
  • Presentation VIOS 
  • Hands-on:
    • Setup VIOS and switches for IBM i connection to IBM Storwize 
    • Create V7000 LUNs and host-connections 
    • Install IBM i

Day 2:

  • Presentation Flash technology 
  • Presentation IBM FlashSystem V9000 
  • Presentation IBM Spectrum Control 
  • Presentation IBM i, IBM Storwize and IBM FlashSystem 
  • Hands-on:
    • Create V9000 host-connections 
    • Start IBM i from prepared V9000 LUNs 
    • Create LUNs in V9000 and add them to IBM i 
    • Run IBM i workload and track performance with V9000 GUI, IBM Spectrum Control and IBM i

Day 3:

  • Presentation IBM FlashSystem 900 
  • Presentation Implementing IBM i on IBM FlashSystem 900 
  • Hands-on:
    • Create host-connections on FS840 
    • Start IBM i from prepared FS840 LUNs 
    • Create LUNs in FS840 and add them to IBM i
  • Presentation High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for IBM i with PowerHA and Copy Services

Day 4:

  • Hands-on:
    • Setup Disaster Recovery solution for IBM i with PowerHA and IBM Storwize Metro Mirror 
    • Perform Disaster Recovery tests 
    • Setup High Availability solution for IBM i with PowerHA and IBM Storwize FlashCopy 
    • Test HA solution

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