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Development of cognitive applications using IBM Watson


DURACIÓN: 32 Hours (4 días)

Precio: €2.500,00


Understand the fundamentals of cognitive computing and in particular with IBM WATSON, know and work in a practical way with the different cognitive API´s that Watson manages, to undertake a cognitive development project.

Provide knowledge and skills on the Watson Offering with focus in the creation of solutions using the Watson APIs.


Introduction and description of the course  

1. Fundamentals of cognitive computing 
a. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing 
b. Approaches and algorithms of artificial intelligence 
c. Definitions and description of a cognitive system 
d. Main characteristics of a cognitive system 
e. Cognitive technologies 
f. Smart agents / virtual agents 
IBM Watson 
a. Evolution IBM Watson 
b. Description IBM Watson 
c. Virtual agents 
d. Cognitive Virtual Agent 
2. Laboratory 00, preparation of the work environment   3. Watson in IBM Cloud 
a. Login, IBMid 
b. Access to Services 
c. Watson Dashboard 
d. developersWorks 
e. Communities of developers 
f. IBM Certifications 
Watson Services 

a. Categories of services Start-up kits
4. Voice services (Speech) 
a. Text to Speech (TTS - Text to Speech) 
b. Voice to Text (STT - Speech to Text)
  5. Lab 01, start kits and external calls with cURL   6. Empathy (Empathy) 
a. Personality Insights b. Tone Analyzer
7. Lab 02, creation of Tone Analyzer service using Cloud Foundry   8. AI Assistant (AI Assistant) 
a. Watson Assistant 
b. Handling of short / long tail 
c. Watson services that include their own tools
9. Laboratory 03, creation of a conversational system
10. Orchestrating application
a. Cognitive applications execution model
11. Language 
a. Language Translator 
b. Natural Language Classifier
12. Lab 04, creation with Node-Red of an orchestrating application and NLC   13. External services a. Calls to external APIs   14. Lab 05, call to an external API (The Weather Channel)   15. Knowledge - 1 (Knowledge) 
a. Discovery 
b. Discovery News
  16. Laboratory 06, creation of a Corpus with Discovery   17. Knowledge - 2 (Knowledge) 
a. Natural Language Understanding 

b. Knowledge Studio
  18. Laboratory 07, analyze natural language using Natural Language Understanding
  19. Vision (Vision) 
a. Visual Recognition
  20. Lab 08, Training and Sorting of images   21. Data (Data)
a. Watson Studio 
b. Watson Machine Learning 
c. Watson Knowledge Catalog
  22. Laboratory 09, Data Science using IBM Watson Studio   23. Laboratory 10, Detecting emotions, identifying entities and discovering answers


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