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Cognitive projects offering IBM Watson


DURACIÓN: 16 Hours (2 días)

Precio: €1.100,00


Course aimed at presales, architects, analysts interested in knowing the basics of cognitive computing through IBM WATSON, the different cognitive APIs, and the resources needed to start a project with IBM WATSON.


1. Introduction and description of the course   2. Fundamentals of cognitive computing 
a. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing 
b. Fundamental concepts, approaches and algorithms 
c. Definitions and description of a cognitive system 
d. Main characteristics of a cognitive system 
e. Cognitive technologies 
f. Smart agents / virtual agents 
g. Chatbots / Conversational agents h. Short tail / long tail
3. Impact of cognitive computing on the customer experience   4. IBM Watson 
a. Evolution and description 
b. Cognitive virtual agents
  5. IBM Watson Commercial Offer   6. Resources offered by IBM to facilitate the start of projects 
a. Watson dashboard 
b. developerWorks 
c. Developer communities 
d. IBM Certifications 
e. Start kits f. Watson Services (APIs)

7. Execution model of cognitive applications 
a. Orchestrating application
  8. List of APIs by category, characteristics, prices and examples 
a. Voice Services (Speech) 
I.Text to Speech (TTS - Text to Speech)
II.Voice to Text (STT - Speech to Text) 
b. Empathy (Empathy) 
I.Personality Insights 
II.Tone Analyzer 
c. AI Assistant (AI Assistant) 
I.Watson Assistant 
d. Language (Language) 
I.Language Translator 
II.Natural Language Classifier
  e.Knowledge (Knowledge) 
I.Watson Discovery 
II.Discovery News 
III.Natural Language Understanding 
IV.Knowledge Studio
  f. Vision (Vision)
g.Visual Recognition    h. Data (Data) 
I.Watson Studio 
II.Watson Machine Learning 
III.Watson Knowledge Catalog
9. Watson services that include their own tools  

10. Management of expectations

11. Privacy of the data according to the architecture desired by the client   12. How to start pilot projects and when to put them into production   13. Success stories   14. Laboratory: Establish the costs of the Watson services for a given example

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