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Getting to Know IBM TXSeries


DURACIÓN: 40 Hours (5 días)

Precio: €2.150,00


This intermediate level course teaches you how to utilize the functions, features, and capabilities of IBM TXSeries.

IBM TXSeries is the distributed CICS Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) environment with integrated CICS Structured File System (SFS), and is used for the deployment of business-critical applications. In this course, students learn to install, configure, and administer the product using the new and intuitive Web-based administration console.

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After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the functions of CICS Transaction Server on System z
  • Describe the functions, features, and architecture of IBM TXSeries
  • Describe the IBM TXSeries application development environment
  • Describe the processes and technical requirements for integrating CICS Transaction Server on System z and the IBM TXSeries (distributed CICS) environment
  • Plan installation, administration, and application development based on the choices provided in IBM TXSeries
  • Install, configure, and administer IBM TXSeries
  • Develop an IBM TXSeries transaction
  • Diagnose problems in an IBM TXSeries environment
  • Integrate IBM TXSeries within an SOA


This course is designed for:

  • Application developers who develop IBM TXSeries business applications
  • System programmers who install and configure IBM TXSeries and perform operational procedures

Requisitos Previos

Before taking this course, you should have the following:

  • Working knowledge of the underlying operating system platforms
  • Working knowledge of Internet technologies
  • COBOL or C skills, as required, for application development
  • Basic knowledge of application design and programming
  • Basic System administration skills

Basic knowledge of CICS and CICS application development is helpful, but not required.


  • Course introductions and agenda
  • Introduction to transaction processing middleware and CICS
  • Overview of TXSeries for Multiplatforms
  • Exercise: Installing TXSeries for Multiplatforms
  • TXSeries administration
  • Exercise: Exploring TXSeries administration using the Web administration console
  • CICS clients
  • Exercise: Configuring clients to connect to the CICS region
  • Data management
  • Exercise: Configuring a resource manager for data management
  • TXSeries utilities and commands
  • Exercise: TXSeries utilities and commands
  • TXSeries application development
  • Exercise: TXSeries application development and debugging
  • TXSeries security
  • Exercise: Implementing TXSeries security
  • TXSeries backup and recovery
  • Intercommunication
  • Exercise: Configuring TXSeries intercommunication
  • Advanced architecture
  • Problem determination
  • Exercise: TXSeries problem determination
  • User exits and program customization
  • TXSeries application and administration considerations
  • TXSeries monitoring and statistics
  • Exercise: TXSeries monitoring and statistics
  • TXSeries version-to-version migration

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