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Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist (CCCS) R81


DURACIÓN: 16 Hours (2 días)

Precio: A consultar


Learn basic concepts and develop skills necessary to administer Check Point CloudGuard security solutions.


  • Introduction to Cloud Security
  • Introducing CloudGuard
  • CloudGuard Architectures
  • CloudGuard Security Policy
  • CloudGuard Automation
  • CloudGuard Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to Cloud Security Posture Management


  • Explain the nature of the cloud environment.
  • Describe the five pillars of cloud architecture.
  • Explain the fundamentals of cloud infrastructure.
  • Explain the fundamentals of cloud automation.
  • Explain Check Point Security Management and how it applies to CloudGuard.
  • Describe CloudGuard Security Gateway offerings.
  • Describe cloud load balancers.
  • Explain CloudGuard licensing.
  • Explain the different deployment options and architectures for CloudGuard.
  • Explain how and why CloudGuard is automated.
  • Describe the functions of CloudGuard that can be automated.
  • Describe the tools used to automate CloudGuard.
  • Explain CloudGuard automation requirements.
  • Explain basic troubleshooting techniques specific to Check Point Security Management Servers and Security Gateways.
  • Describe the steps for troubleshooting CloudGuard Network Installation.
  • Explain the tools and techniques used to troubleshoot CloudGuard Network Automation.
  • Explain the need for Cloud Security Posture Management.
  • Describe the posture management tools available in CloudGuard.
  • Explain methods for correcting Cloud Security Posture Management issues.


Technical professionals who support, install, deploy, or administer Check Point products in cloud environments.

Requisitos Previos

Working knowledge of Cloud Native Deployment using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, TCP/IP Networking, and Check Point security products.


  • Deploy a Security Management Server in the cloud.
  • Install a Security Gateway image.
  • Create virtual networks.
  • Deploy internal and external load balancers.
  • Deploy a Security Gateway using templates.
  • Assign public IP addresses to cloud devices.
  • Create web servers in the cloud.
  • Configure North-South traffic policy.
  • Configure East-West traffic policy and routes.
  • Troubleshoot North-South traffic issues.
  • Troubleshoot East-West traffic issues.

Examen y certificación

Prepare for exam #156-560 Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist (CCCS)

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