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Integrating Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure


DURACIÓN: 16 Hours (2 días)

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In this course, you learn to implement a hybrid cloud solution with Microsoft Azure by using NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP®. You connect an Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and an on-premises data center to unify your infrastructure. You use NetApp BlueXP™ (formerly Cloud Manager) to move data and manage storage in the hybrid cloud. You learn how NetApp cloud services are integrated into BlueXP to provide persistent storage for Kubernetes containers and enhance data protection, security, and compliance. You also learn to optimize the capacity and performance of Cloud Volumes ONTAP.


This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

• Configure a VNet and connect it to an on-premises data center with VPN Internet Protocol security (IPsec)
• Describe Cloud Volumes ONTAP architecture
• Install a connector and deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP
• Explain basic system administration tasks with BlueXP
• Copy data between an ONTAP based system and Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure for disaster recovery
• Use data tiering to Azure Blob storage for Cloud Volumes ONTAP
• Use Cloud Volumes ONTAP as persistent storage for Kubernetes containers
• Identify performance and sizing options for Cloud Volumes ONTAP


  • NetApp Employees
  • NetApp Partners
  • Customer Storage Administrators of any experience level

Requisitos Previos

Understanding of the following is required..


• Cloud computing concepts: Cloud characteristics, service delivery methods, and cloud deployment models
• Networking concepts and definitions: Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) and network address translation (NAT)
• Azure concepts: Subscriptions, VNet, virtual machines (VMs), Azure storage accounts, and Azure Blob storage


In addition to attendance on the following one day course..


IHCF - Integrating Hybrid Clouds Foundation


Module 1: Public cloud essential concepts

Lesson 1: Azure networking and other concepts
Lesson 2: Terraform introduction

Exercise 1: Controlling cloud resources with CLI
Exercise 2: Controlling cloud resources with PowerShell
Exercise 3: Controlling NetApp ONTAP (on-premises) resources with NetApp PowerShell Toolkit
Exercise 4: Configuring resources in Azure by using Terraform
Exercise 5: Reviewing resources by using Azure Portal
Exercise 6: Verifying connectivity to the VMs in front-end and back-end subnets


Module 2: Connectivity from the public cloud to other networks

Lesson 1: Microsoft Azure VNet connectivity to an on-premises network

Exercise 1: Connecting Azure VNet to an on-premises network
Exercise 2: Configuring on-premises DNS for Azure VMs
Exercise 3: (Optional) Joining an Azure VM to Active Directory in the on-premisesenvironment


Module 3: Deploying a connector

Lesson 1: Review a connector

Exercise 1: Deploying a connector


Module 4: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Lesson 1: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP architecture review
Lesson 2: Deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP
Lesson 3: Highly available NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure

Exercise 1: Deploying a single-node Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance
Exercise 2: Creating an NFS volume and accessing it from an NFS client
Exercise 3: Creating an SMB volume and accessing it from an SMB client
Exercise 4: Deploying a Cloud Volumes ONTAP high-availability pair


Module 5: Administration of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Lesson 1: Administering Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Exercise 1: Using BlueXP for basic administration of Cloud Volumes ONTAP
Exercise 2: Doing basic administration of BlueXP


Module 6: Data protection

Lesson 1: Data protection
Lesson 2: Administering Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Exercise 1: Configuring and managing ransomware protection
Exercise2: Configuring and Managing Disaster Recovery in the Data Fabric


Module 7: Tiering

Lesson 1: Tiering in Azure

Exercise 1: Tiering backup data to Azure Blob storage


Examen y certificación

This course is part of the following certifications:


  • NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect
  • NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Implementation Engineer
  • NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator

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