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Check Point Automation Specialist R80.20 (CCAS)


DURACIÓN: 16 Hours (2 días)

Precio: A consultar


COURSE GOAL: Provide an understanding of the advanced concepts and skills necessary to automate and orchestrate tasks relating to managing Check Point Security Policies.


- Explain how automation and orchestration work together
- Understand the key drivers for incorporating automation and orchestration into security management
- Execute a shell script that demonstrates how to build a comprehensive Security Policy.
- Recognize how the Check Point API framework integrates with R80 Security Management to support automation and orchestration of daily tasks
- Describe Check Point API tools and demonstrate how they are used to manage Check Point Security Management solutions
- Demonstrate how to define new objects and modify existing ones by using the Check Point API
- Demonstrate how to create API commands to efficiently maintain the Check Point Security Management Server database
- Demonstrate how to use different methods to update the database with API commands
- Become familiar with client-side and server-side scripting and scripting languages
- Understand how to use the Bash shell to develop APIs
- Recognize and describe many of the open source tools that are available to assist with API development
- Demonstrate how to use a custom REST application to update the database of a Security Management Server
- Demonstrate how to use Postman to manage the Security Policy database through the Check Point API
- Understand what steps to take to troubleshoot and debug API scripts
- Demonstrate basic troubleshooting techniques by reviewing debugging messages in various forms
- Understand how to use self-service portal capabilities to provide general IT services
- Recognize how automation tools work with Check Point APIs to automate security management tasks and orchestrate workflow behind service portals
- Demonstrate common tasks that are automated in a Web portal to manage the Security Policy


Technical professionals who automate, orchestrate, and troubleshoot Check Point secured environments

Requisitos Previos

Check Point CCSA Certification


- Introduction to automation and orchestration
- Check Point APIs
- API development
- API troubleshooting
- Self-service Web portals

- Demonstrate Check Point automation and orchestration
- Manage objects using the Check Point API
- Create a management API shell script
- Use a variety of methods to execute API commands
- Use a custom REST tool for API calls
- Use Postman for API calls
- Debug the Check Point management API
- Automate tasks using a Check Point API enabled Web portal

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