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Check Point Certified Maestro Expert


DURACIÓN: 2 días

Precio: A consultar


Discover Maestro Scalable Platform - our revolutionary product.

Maestro Scalable Platform provides a resiliency, flexibility and scalability to any midsize+ business.

During this two-day training you will get theoretical and practical skills of Scalable Platform Expert.
You will learn how does it work from basic concepts to deep understanding of architecture and infrastructure.

Students will get access to hands-on labs with physical equipment, will be able to touch and to build setups in order to be able to deploy it in production environments.


Students with CCSE background


Day 1:

• Introduction

• Installation (Threory + Lab)

• Backplane

• SMO - Single Management Object (Threory + Lab)

Day 2:
• Traffic flow (Threory + Lab)

• Dual Site (Threory + Lab)

• VSX HA and VSLS (Theory + Lab)

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