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VMware Horizon 8 Infrastructure Troubleshooting


DURACIÓN: 24 Hours (3 días)

Precio: €1.240,00


This three-day, hands-on training provides you with the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to troubleshoot VMware Horizon® 8 infrastructure. This workshop teaches the required skill and competence for troubleshooting VMware Horizon® Connection Server™, VMware Unified Access Gateway™, protocols, connections, and certificates.


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
• Discuss Horizon Connection Server advanced configurations
• List troubleshooting techniques for Horizon Connection Server common issues
• Interpret Horizon 8 Connection Server logs
• Identify Unified Access Gateway configuration and certificate issues
• List troubleshooting steps for Unified Access Gateway common issues
• Describe BLAST configuration verification using logs and settings
• Describe BLAST optimization recommendations for different use cases
• Describe Horizon 8 Connections and how to troubleshoot related issues
• Describe Horizon 8 certificates
• List troubleshooting steps for common issues with Horizon 8 certificates
• Leverage Horizon infrastructure troubleshooting steps to resolve issues


• System administrators
• System integrators

Requisitos Previos

This course requires completion of one of the following:
• VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage
• VMware Horizon 7: Install, Configure, Mange


1 Course Introduction
• Introduction and course logistics
• Course objectives

2 Horizon Connection Server Troubleshooting
• Discuss Horizon Connection Server general troubleshooting techniques
• Identity Horizon Connection Server common issues through logs
• Describe AD LDS replication
• Discuss Horizon Connection Server replication common issues
• Review and Interpret Horizon Connection Server logs
• Compare successful and unsuccessful logs from everyday infrastructure administration tasks

3 Unified Access Gateway Troubleshooting
• List and identify common Unified Access Gateway deployment issues
• Monitor the Unified Access Gateway deployment to identify health and issues
• Identify and troubleshoot Unified Access Gateway certificate issues
• Monitor, test, and troubleshoot network problems
• Discuss general Unified Access Gateway troubleshooting processes

4 BLAST Configuration Verification
• Discuss BLAST Codecs and Encoder Switch settings.
• Describe how to verify BLAST configuration using logs and settings

5 BLAST Optimization
• List general BLAST optimization recommendations
• Summarize BLAST tuning recommendations that apply to WAN connections
• Summarize BLAST tuning recommendations that apply to work-from-home and home-office-tocloud use cases
• Describe recommended tuning options to increase display protocol quality for all use cases and applications.

6 VMware Horizon Connections Troubleshooting
• Explain Horizon connections
• Describe the role of Primary and Secondary protocols in Horizon connections
• Describe HTML client access connections
• Describe Horizon connections load balancing
• Describe timeout settings, supported health monitoring string, and suitable load balancer persistence values
• Identify troubleshooting steps for failing Horizon load balancer connections
• List troubleshooting steps for Horizon connections

7 VMware Horizon Certificates Troubleshooting
• List Horizon certificate functions
• Describe Horizon certificates scenarios.
• Discuss potential challenges related to certificates in Horizon
• Describe the troubleshooting approach to Horizon certificate issues

8 VMware Horizon Challenge Lab
• Leverage Horizon infrastructure troubleshooting steps to resolve issues

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