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IBM InfoSphere Information Server Administration 9.1


DURACIÓN: 32 Hours

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IBM InfoSphere Information Server hosts a suite of products designed for the development and delivery of data integration, data quality, and data governance jobs. This course describes and discusses Information Server administrative tasks surrounding the Suite as a whole, such as security, session management, and backup and recovery, and administrative tasks related to key Information Server products such as DataStage and Information Analyzer.

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  • Identify Information Server functional components, product modules, and architecture components
  • Use and administer the Information Server products using their clients
  • Configure Information Suite security for users and groups
  • Start and stop Information Server (IS) components
  • Manage IS sessions, logging and reporting
  • Configure and manage IS Engine components including environment variables, configuration files, data sets, and operational metadata
  • Establish database connectivity with IS
  • Monitor DataStage jobs from the command line
  • Monitor DataStage jobs and the environment in which they are running using the DataStage Operations Console
  • Monitor the performance and resource usage of DataStage jobs using the Performance Analyzer and Resource Estimator tools
  • Archive and package metadata assets using istool
  • Deploy and manage metadata assets using Information Server Manager
  • Import, search, and manage metadata assets using Metadata Asset Manager
  • Back up and restore IS using the ISRecovery tool
  • Configure Information Analyzer and Information Services Director
  • Install and deploy Information Server
  • Apply patches and fix packs to Information Server
  • Examine the IS system and its health using audit tracing and ISA Lite
  • Install and deploy Information Server


This intermediate course is for Information Server administrators who will be supporting developers for IBM InfoSphere Information Server and IBM InfoSphere Information Server for z/OS products, including DataStage, QualityStage, Information Analyzer, FastTrack, Information Services Director, and Metadata Workbench.

Requisitos Previos

You should have some experience with database and system configuration. Some experience with Linux is helpful, but not required.


  • Unit 1: Technical Overview
  • Unit 2: Overview of Clients used for Administration
  • Unit 3: Authentication and Suite Security
  • Unit 4: Stopping and Starting Information Server
  • Unit 5: Session Management
  • Unit 6: Engine Tier Architecture
  • Unit 7: Engine Tier Configuration
  • Unit 8: Engine Tier Connectivity
  • Unit 9: Engine Tier Monitoring
  • Unit 10: Metadata Asset Management
  • Unit 11: Information Services Console Configuration
  • Unit 12: Installation, Deployment, and Recovery
  • Unit 13: Serviceability

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22 mar. 2023


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