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BigInsights Analytics for Programmers


DURACIÓN: 16 Hours

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This course is designed to aid programmers who are working with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights. Writing programs that extract data from unstructured text can be a daunting task. The student will learn how to create annotators through the use of IBM’s Annotated Query Language (AQL). Analyzing data using Apache Hadoop requires that map / reduce programs be written. The student will learn how to use Jaql to create high level programs that are decomposed into Hadoop map / reduce programs. People familiar with the Hadoop technology are aware of other open source products that are used in this environment. This course will give the student an overview of Apache Pig, ZooKeeper, and Map / Reduce.

This course does not cover InfoSphere BigSheets. InfoSphere BigSheets is covered in BigInsights Analytics for Business Analysts (DW640).

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  • Describe the AQL data model
  • Use AQL to create annotators
  • List the different extractors used to create AQL views
  • Describe how Jaql is used in a BigInsights environment
  • List the semantics of the Jaql language
  • Explain how to use SQL in Jaql
  • List the Jaql core operators
  • Describe how Apache Pig can be used in a BigInsights environment
  • Describe the semantics of Pig Latin
  • Explain how ZooKeeper can be used to manage barriers or queues
  • Describe the basics of Map / Reduce programming
  • Compare HBase to a Relational Database Management System


This intermediate course is for anyone with the need to learn AQL and Jaql.

Requisitos Previos

You should complete:

  • InfoSphere BigInsights Essentials or equivalent knowledge

A programming background would be advantageous, especially knowledge of SQL


  • An Introduction to Programming for BigInsights
  • Annotation Query Language
  • Jaql
  • An Introduction to Apache Pig

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02 oct. 2023


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