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Informix 11.70 New Features


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In this course, you will learn about the new features that are included with the 11.70 release of IBM Informix. Features include a replication grid management facility, updated installer, fragmentation enhancements, new indexing options, new query optimization features, a debugger for stored procedure language (SPL) coding, new scheduler tasks, support for system and log backup to the Cloud, and many others. A new replication grid management facility provides a central administration tool for administration of HDR primary and secondary servers, RS server, SD servers, and Enterprise Replication participants. Embedability and deployment tools are also included to enable users to package snapshots of Informix instances and data.

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  • Install Informix 11.7 using the GUI, console, or silent option
  • Perform defragment operations on table fragments
  • Use new event alarms and options
  • Submit new types of tasks to the database scheduler
  • Enable implicit PDQ for an SQL session
  • Perform system backups to Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • Enable the automatic registration of DataBlades
  • Create and use a Forest of Trees index
  • Describe situations in which a multi-index scan can be used for maximum benefit
  • Design queries that can use star or snowflake joins
  • Fragment tables based on a list of values or on a time interval
  • Explain the benefits of storing statistics at the fragment level
  • Enable DDL statements to run on a high-availability secondary server
  • Explain how to repair timestamps on participating ER servers when a participant is checked or synchronized
  • Describe the options available when a logical log lag situation occurs
  • Manage all participating ER servers from a single server
  • Create and alter tables with shadow columns that can be used in place of primary keys
  • Explain the purpose of the transaction survival feature
  • Explain the purpose of a rolling upgrade
  • Use embedability tools to create and deploy snapshots of Informix servers
  • Use storage pools to enable Informix to automatically expand storage space when needed
  • Preload user-defined C routines
  • Use the SPL Debugger to debug SQL statements and SPL routines
  • Initiate row-level auditing on tables in a database
  • Map remote Informix users to local OS user IDs
  • Enable the reuse of a connection to the Informix server as a different user


This basic course is designed for Informix System Administrators, Database Administrators, and Applications Developers.

Requisitos Previos

It is recommended that students attend the following courses:

  • Informix System Administration (IX811)
  • Informix Database Administration: Managing and Optimizing Data (IX221)
  • Informix Replication (IX421)


System Administration Features

  • 11.70 Installer
  • Partition Defragmenter
  • Unique Event Alarms
  • New Database Scheduler Tasks
  • Implicit PDQ
  • Backup to Cloud

Database Administration Features

  • Auto Register of DataBlades
  • Forest of Trees Index
  • Multi-Index Scan
  • Star Join and Snowflake Queries
  • Fragmentation List and Interval Strategies
  • Fragment-Level Statistics


  • DDL Support for HDR Secondary Servers
  • ER Features
  • On-Step Instantiation Snapshot
  • Grid-Based Replication
  • Replication Without a Primary Key
  • Transaction Survival
  • Rolling Upgrade


  • Embedability Toolkit
  • Storage Provisioning
  • C-UDR Preloading
  • SPL Debugger

Security Features

  • Selective Row-Level Auditing (SRLA)
  • Informix Mapped Users
  • Trusted Context

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28 nov. 2023


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