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BigInsights Analytics for Business Analysts - SPVC


DURACIÓN: 16 Hours

Precio: €750,00


This course is designed to introduce you to the capabilities of BigSheets. BigSheets is a component of InfoSphere BigInsights. It provides the analyst the ability to be able to visualize and analyze data stored HDFS using a spreadsheet type interface without any programming.

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  • Describe how BigSheets can help with the business and technical challenges of big data
  • Create BigSheets workbooks
  • From data stored in HDFS
  • Directly from data generated by an application
  • Use BigSheets readers to properly parse data in BigSheets
  • Create sheets within workbooks
  • List the different types of functions available when creating a new sheet
  • Create charts to more easily visualize BigSheets results
  • Export BigSheets data to a web browser or a file in HDFS


This course is for Business analysts planning on working with BigSheets

Requisitos Previos

You should having attended:

  • InfoSphere BigInsights Foundation (DW612)

or equivalent knowledge would be very useful.


  • Introduction to BigSheets
  • Making Data Available to BigSheets
  • Navigating a Workbook
  • Experssions and Functions
  • BigSheets Visualizations

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03 mar. 2024


Self Paced Training

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