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Symantec Web Security Service Planning, Implementation, and Administration R1.2

CÓDIGO: SYM_000148

DURACIÓN: 16 Hours (2 días)

Precio: A consultar


The Symantec Web Security Service Planning, Implementation, and Administration course is intended for IT professionals who will be planning, installing, configuring or administering the Symantec Web Security Service (WSS).


  • Describe the architecture, components and process flow of WSS
  • Identify installation, configuration and administration of the core features and products of WSS.
  • Identify the key elements for planning a WSS deployment

Requisitos Previos

  • Working knowledge of cloud based solutions
  • Knowledge of internet traffic protocols
  • Basic understanding of principles of authentication.


Module 1: Cloud Delivered Security

    • What is Cloud Delivered Security
    • What are the Key Considerations for Having Cloud Delivered Security
    • What are the Key Features Needed for Cloud Delivered Security

    Module 2: Web Security Service Connection Architecture and Functionality

      • WSS Infrastructure
      • WSS Connection Architecture
      • WSS Features
      • WSS Additional Products

      Module 3: Getting Started with WSS

        • Initial Registration
        • User Administration
        • Licensing
        • Data Privacy Settings

        Module 4: Enable Remote Users to Securely Access the Internet

          • Remote Users and Solutions
          • WSS Agent Access Method
          • WSS-SEP Access Method
          • Cloud Connect Defense (CCD) Access

          Module 5: Provide Safe and Proper Web Usage Based on User Identity

            • Authentication and WSS
            • Auth Connector
            • SAML
            • Remote Authentication Methods with Auth Connector
            • Authentication with WSS Agent and WSS-SEP Access Methods

            Module 6: Create a more Effective Work Environment for Employee Web Usage

              • Configure Content Filtering Rules to Determine Internet Usage
              • Setting Global Content Filtering Policy Rules
              • Creating Custom Response Pages
              • Universal Policy Enforcement

              Module 7: Providing Web Protection Against Malware

                • WSS Threat Protection
                • Malware Analysis and WSS
                • Threat Protection Policies
                • Creating Threat Protection Policy Rules

                Module 8: Enable Encrypted Traffic Inspection

                  • Encrypted Traffic
                  • SSL Configuration
                  • Configuring SSL Exceptions

                  Module 9: Enable Corporate Users to Securely Access the Internet

                    • Firewall/VPN (IPsec) Access Method
                    • FQDN-IKEv2 Firewall Access Method
                    • Cert-Based Connection Access Method
                    • TransProxy (Explicit Proxy Over IPsec) Access Method
                    • Proxy Forwarding Access Method

                    Module 10: Identify Web Usage and Security Statistics with Reports

                      • Reports Overview
                      • Pre-defined Reports
                      • Simple Reporting
                      • Custom Reporting
                      • Forensic Reporting
                      • Managing and Using Reports

                      Module 11: Enable Mobile Users to Securely Access the Internet

                        • About Mobile Device Security
                        • Authentication for Mobile Users
                        • SEP-Moblie Solution
                        • Android Mobile Access Enrollment Process

                        Module 12: Course review

                          • Assessment of Needs
                          • Design – Access Methods and Authentication
                          • Design – Policy, Reporting and Threat Protection
                          • Design Evaluation

                          Examen y certificación

                          250-554 Administration of Symantec Web Security Service R1.1

                          Más información

                          This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to use those skills in a working environment.

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