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Symantec Endpoint Security Complete Administration R1.3

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DURACIÓN: 40 Hours (5 días)

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The Symantec Endpoint Security Complete Administration R1.3 course is designed for the network, IT security, and systems administration professional in a Security Operations position tasked with the day-to-day operation of a SESC endpoint security environment. The course focuses on SES Complete cloud-based management using the ICDm management console.


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of using a multi-layered cloudbased environment for endpoint security.
  • Secure endpoints against network, file based, and emerging threats.
  • Control endpoint integrity and compliance.
  • Respond to security threats using SESC monitoring and reporting.
  • Enforce adaptive security compliance.
  • Protect Active Directory
  • Use SES

This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to use those skills in a working environment

Requisitos Previos

This course assumes that students have a basic understanding of advanced computer terminology, an administrator-level knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems, and have viewed the “Symantec Endpoint Security Complete – Basic Administration” eLearning content prior to attending this course.


Module 1: Introduction to Endpoint

Security Complete

  • Introduction
  • SES Complete Architecture
  • SES Complete Cloud-Based Management
  • SES Complete in a Hybrid Environment
  • SES Complete Device Group Management
  • SES Complete Client Deployment
  • SES Device Management

Module 2: Configuring SES Complete Security Controls

  • Policy Overview
  • Threat Overview and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Preventing Initial Access
  • Preventing Execution
  • Preventing Persistence
  • Preventing Privilege Escalation
  • Preventing Defense Evasion
  • Preventing Discovery
  • Blocking Command & Control
  • Blocking Exfiltration
  • Blocking the Impact Phase
  • Managing Content Updates
  • Policy Versioning and History

Module 3: Responding to Threats with ICDm

  • The ICDm Home Page
  • Searching SES Data
  • Using SES Reports
  • Configuring Alerts
  • Managing Mitigation
  • Acting on Events

Module 4: Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Introduction to EDR
  • Detecting Threats
  • Investigating Threats
  • Responding to Threats

Module 5: Attack Surface Reduction

  • Reduce the Attack Surface with Adaptive Protection
  • Reduce the Attack Surface with Application Control
  • Reduce the Attack Surface with Custom Application Behavior
  • Reduce the Attack Surface with Host Integrity

Module 6: Mobile and Modern Device Security

  • Definition of Modern and Mobile Devices
  • Modern and Mobile Threats
  • Introducing Network Integrity
  • Network Integrity Policy Configuration
  • Network Integrity for Windows 10 Modern Devices
  • Network Integrity for Mobile Devices
  • Exploring Generated Alerts

Module 7: Threat Defense for Active Directory

  • Active Directory Security Challenges
  • Introducing Threat Defense for Active Directory
  • TDAD Configuration
  • Threat Scenarios and Remediation

Module 8: Working with a Hybrid Environment

  • Reasons for Moving to the Cloud
  • SES / SEP Hybrid Architecture
  • Moving to Hybrid Managed
  • Policies and Device Management from the Cloud
  • Migrating to the Cloud

Examen y certificación

250-580: Symantec Endpoint Security Complete Administration R2

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