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Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) & Troubleshooting Administrator (CCTA) Bundle R81.20 (includes 180 days lab access)


DURACIÓN: 40 Hours (5 días)

Precio: A consultar


This bundle course covers the following two Check Point training courses:

  • Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) R81.20 (3 days)


  • Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator (CCTA) R81.20 (2 days)


  • Technical professionals who support, install deploy or administer Check Point products.
  • Security administrators and Check Point resellers who need to manage and monitor issues that may occur within their Security Management environment


Objectives CCSA:

  • Describe the primary components of a Check Point Three-Tier
  • Architecture and explain how they work together in the Check Point environment.
  • Explain how communication is secured and how traffic is routed in the Check Point environment.
  • Describe the basic functions of the Gaia operating system.
  • Identify the basic workflow to install Security Management Server and Security Gateway for a single-domain solution.
  • Create SmartConsole objects that correspond to the organization’s topology for use in policies and rules.
  • Identify the tools available to manage Check Point licenses and contracts, including their purpose and use.
  • Identify features and capabilities that enhance the configuration and management of the Security Policy.
  • Explain how policy layers affect traffic inspection.
  • Articulate how Network Address Translation affects traffic.
  • Describe how to configure manual and automatic Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Application Control & URL Filtering and Autonomous Threat Prevention capabilities and how to configure these solutions to meet an organization’s security requirements.
  • Articulate how pre-shared keys and certificates can be configured to authenticate with third party and externally managed VPN Gateways.
  • Describe how to analyze and interpret VPN tunnel traffic.
  • Configure logging parameters.
  • Use predefined and custom queries to filter log results.
  • Identify how to monitor the health of supported Check Point hardware using the Gaia Portal and the command line.
  • Describe the different methods for backing up Check Point system information and discuss best practices and recommendations for each method.

 Exercises CCSA:

    • Deploying SmartConsole
    • Installing a Security Management Server
    • Installing a Security Gateway
    • Configuring Objects in SmartConsole
    • Establishing Secure Internal Communication
    • Managing Administrator Access
    • Managing Licenses
    • Creating a Security Policy
    • Configuring Order Layers
    • Configuring a Shared Inline Layer
    • Configuring NAT
    • Integrating Security with a Unified Policy
    • Elevating Security with Autonomous Threat Prevention
    • Configuring a Locally Managed Site-to-Site VPN
    • Elevating Traffic View
    • Monitoring System States
    • Maintaining the Security Environment

    Objectives CCTA:

      • Identify basic resources available to troubleshoot Check Point Security Gateways and Management Software Blades that run on the Gaia operating system.
      • Discuss how to use the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model for problem isolation.
      • Investigate and troubleshoot potential traffic flow issues.
      • Monitor network activity and performance.
      • Investigate and troubleshoot log collection issues.
      • Investigate and troubleshoot SmartConsole issues.
      • Investigate and troubleshoot Application Control and URL Filtering issues.
      • Investigate and troubleshoot NAT (Network Address Translation) issues.
      • Investigate and troubleshoot issues with basic Site-to-Site VPNs.
      • Investigate and troubleshoot Autonomous Threat Prevention issues.
      • Investigate and troubleshoot Licenses and Contracts issues.

      Exercises CCTA:

      • Troubleshoot with Linux and Check Point Commands
      • Collect and Analyze Interface Packet Captures
      • Troubleshoot Log Communication Issues
      • Troubleshoot SmartConsole
      • Troubleshoot Application Control and URL Filtering
      • Investigate Network Address Translation Issues
      • Troubleshoot Site-to-Site VPN
      • Evaluate Threat Prevention Products
      • Verify Licenses

      Follow on courses

      Attend our CCSE+CCTE bundle course and pass their exams to automatically become a Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM).


      Attend two more Infinity Specialization courses and pass their exams to automatically become a Check Point Certified Security Master Elite (CCSM Elite).

      Examen y certificación

      This course bundle prepares you for exams #156-215.81.20 (CCSA) and #156-582 (CCTA) at


      Exam vouchers need to be purchased separately at additional cost.

      Más información

      Please note that Check Point only offer e-kit courseware for training courses. Each delegate will be provided with an official set of e-kit courseware approximately 1 week prior to the start date of the course.

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