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IBM Safer Payments Case Management Training (V6.6)

CODE: 6A642G

LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: €1 560,00


IBM Safer Payments is an enterprise fraud detection solution. It is a designed and focused on real time payment transaction processing. Safer Payments provides complex and dynamic rules building, evaluation and execution. Built with real time performance, management, and redundancy in mind.

In this course, IBM Safer Payments' case management capabilities are presented in detail. Students will learn how to configure and customize the built-in case management, and the workflow and activities involved when investigating cases.


  • Mandator structure
  • Queries
  • Case Management Concept
  • Workflows
  • Case configuration
  • Working Queues
  • Case investigation
  • Fraud Marking
  • Risk Lists
  • Case Actions and External Queries
  • Reporting


  • External: Fraud Analysts and Investigators, Application and System Administrators who manage Safer Payments (optional)
  • Internal: IBM Lab Services, IBM Support, IBM Technical Pre-Sales and IBM Business Partners


  • Must be familiar with Unix command line navigation and configuration actions
  • Some familiarity with statistical models
  • Knowledge in Fraud Prevention for cashless payments


Day 1: Case Management

  • Introduction to Safer Payments Mandator structure
  • Querying data in Safer Payments
  • Case Management Overview
  • Workflows
  • Case configuration
  • Working Queues
  • Creating cases

Day 2: Case Investigation

  • Investigating cases
  • Transition cases
  • Fraud Marking
  • Using risk lists
  • Trigger case actions
  • External Queries
  • Reports
  • Notices

Session Dates